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ScreenFlow on steroids ...

So ... I recently ran a survey of folks who edit their Videos with ScreenFlow (for Mac Only.)

I found there is BIG interest in learning extra tricks and time saving ScreenFlow hacks PLUS how to Edit Video Ads and Promos that convert!

All my Videos are edited with ScreenFlow and the ROI has been huge!

So I held a Live 2 hour ScreenFlow Workshop all about creating Video Ads. The good news is you can now access the recording as a Bonus inside my course 'ScreenFlow Universe'.

>> Go watch my ScreenFlow Video

This is for folks who already edit with ScreenFlow at a beginner/ intermediate level.

You will learn in the first part some of my favorite ScreenFlow tricks and hacks, then you'll watch over my shoulder and learn how to create 3 styles of Video Ads that convert!

My Video Ads have been doing super well (selling to cold traffic daily) and I want to show you how to make Ads for your own niche.

This will suit you if you want to make your own Paid Ads or Promos to run on your...

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Best low cost Video Ring Light ...

 I love this Neewer Ring light especially for the price. I own 3 of them!

Get it on Amazon USA  Amazon UK




Why 18 inches not smaller? Because it's multi-use, stick it behind your Webcam for Zoom calls, but big and powerful enough to spread the light wide for talking head Videos and Interviews.

You don't have to use it behind the camera, you can put it out at 45 degrees for lighting a person / yourself or the background.

You can buy extra heads later if you want say a 3 light studio set up.

It's dimmable, with daylight balanced LED bulbs, comes with a softening ring to make you look better, a reverse folding compact stand with hot shoe, smartphone holder, bluetooth remote plus a carrying case.

For the price it's a winner and a great way to add sparkle to your Videos!

Get it on Amazon USA  Amazon UK


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ThriveCart - Sell your Videos and everything else!

What a couple of years! I hope you have kept safe.

It's been really difficult for many, but on the flip side, Online Business has grown and Video has exploded as a means to reach people.

So there was one tool I bought this year (in May) that earned me a massive ROI!

You may be expecting me to tell you about a Video gadget .. well not this time. Though this tool is, in a way, Video related.

The new tool was my shopping cart - ThriveCart.

If you want to sell anything online .. be it Video Courses, coaching, webinars, digital assets and so forth ... you'll need a decent shopping cart, else no-one can send you money!

So when I chose ThriveCart I was looking for something I could customize, was easy to use, could integrate with all my other tools and that converted.

Plus .. when I found a lifetime deal, meaning NO monthly fees unlike many other carts . .. it was a no-brainer.

In fact my investment paid for itself in about 4 days :)

Now shopping carts needn't be dull .. adding Video...

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Alan pimped his Video Podcast!

See above how Fantasy Sports guru Alan Seslowsky combines 'Square Video Wrappers' and the 'Motion Hero Club' to re-purpose excerpts from his Video Podcast on facebook.

Talking head podcast style interviews can be visually dull, so we love how Alan spices up his teaser Videos with Video Hero assets to make them jump out!

  • Alert tape animated wrapper at the start, to catch the eye as folks scroll the feed.
  • Progress bar to keep viewers watching right to end.
  • Square format allowing for big headlines and captions over the wrapper so the interview grabs attention even with the volume on mute.
  • Fun animations to illustrate the topic, add movement and engage!

Get your 'Square Video Wrappers' here!

Join the 'Motion Hero Club' here!

DFS Army channel (feat. Alan's Podcast)

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Get Viddyoze with Bonus

So one tool I have recommended a few times is the Video creator Viddyoze. << WATCH MY VIDEO + Bonus

Basically you can easily add a Pro Touch to your Videos with Logo Animations, transitions, outros and more.

It's a no brainer investment if you want to Win with Video (IMHO)

Viddyoze 3.0 has just been released and if you are NEW or already own Viddyoze please watch my super short demo Video!

bonus << WATCH MY VIDEO + Bonus

It's suitable for:

  • Entrepreneurs and all business owners who use Video!
  • Video Marketers
  • Agencies
  • Local Video Ad creators
  • Online Course creators
  • YouTubers

See you over there!

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Maximize your Video Editing Software

When you create a new product there is always a niggling doubt..

Even though you may have told some folks your idea & done a little research to validate it, until you get the Product out there for sale with a Buy Button attached you'll never know if it will fly.

So I am super pleased that my Square Video Wrappers is a hit!

I think one reason is that it is NOT software or an App .. which often at lower price points can be buggy or limit you with Video length or number of downloads or have long render times.

Jumping between lots of software tools is a pain as well.

My product enables you to GET MORE from the Video Editor you already own.

TIP: Creating something to sell online? ... help folks MAXIMIZE what they already own!

Folks who have never found me before online are jumping in .. simply via my Facebook Video Ad and my offer, where of course I use my Square Video Wrappers in the Ad.


These are stats from just one of my Video Ads.

I mention this because my Ad (it's...

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Motion Graphics for Video UPDATE!

First up .. due to several requests I have now enabled all the graphics in your Motion Pack to be downloadable in a Zip!

Each category has its' own Zip so the whole product is contained inside just 10 Zips. Look on the sidebar inside your Motion Hero Pack product for the links.

You can still browse the videos and download single files but now you also have the option to grab them all.

Next ... a great compliment to the Pack is my new release 'Square Video Wrappers' since you can add the graphics you own over these templates.

Watch my Video

I am sure you've noticed on Facebook and Instagram folks are using the Square format.

But with a twist ..

Your horizontal Video can easily get lost in the feed as folks scroll past.

So using Video Wrappers (to frame your Video) gives you more 'real estate' allowing you to add catchy headlines, sub-headers and all important subtitles (since folks often start watching on mute).

Watch my Video (time limited deal)

This means more views, engagement,...

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iPhone Filmmaking Tip

It's super sunny here in London and coupled with the 'Unlockdown' happening .. it means that outdoor filming is back!

As long as you keep your social distance of course.

Now to be a Video Hero .. you don't just shoot boring iPhone Videos like everyone else .. you get creative to win more attention, views and clicks.

Here's what I call a 'Supershot' for you to use the next time you film.

Watch Video.

'Supershots' are easy directing tips I picked up from my work as a Freelance TV Director in the UK (MTV/BBC), plus by watching what's happening in the YouTube community too.

If you LOVE filming Video on your iPhone .. then I invite you to take me up on my $1 offer :)

Watch my tutorial.

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Local Video Marketing with Facebook Video Ads

This virus is terrible and the lockdown is tough for business owners, especially Local business!

But I do see some Local Businesses really serving their community and thriving.

Others are learning to pivot to survive .. for example:

  • Toy shops that move online for the first time to sell Puzzles (there is huge demand for Puzzles, board games and also Ukelele's I have read, as folks need things to do at home!)
  • Fitness coaches & many more teaching remotely online and keeping their local customers served until they can re-open.
  • Therapists offering Skype sessions (my wife is a Psychotherapist and is hosting zoom groups)
  • Local Businesses offering discount vouchers to trade in when they open up again.
  • Simply teaching and helping folks online out of a desire to serve.
  • Growing their social media pages and building their email lists as an investment for the future.
  • A local to me Pizza restaurant .. serving take away through their front door, with bike couriers arriving every 15 mins or...
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Videomaking Tips Under Lockdown

What to film under lockdown?

I like these examples.

Radio host, Ian Dale is giving tours of his bookshelf :)

Video Hero, Adam Hobden used timelapse to show work on his garden.

I guess lots of us who are lucky to have a garden are fired up to start new projects.

Timelapse is a super 'hands off' way to shoot a Video while you get on with the work!

In case you are a newbie, here is where you find the Timelapse option on your iPhone when you open the Camera app.


Sports commentator Nick Heath has no sport to commentate on (!) so when he can get out .. he applies his skills to everyday life clips, builds a social following and gets paypal donations!



Video Hero Joel Dominquez of is teaching Salsa Online using Ecamm Live for his facebook Lives

Other ideas for home videos to share on social and keep in touch with folks ..

  • Give a tour of your homeworking space and the gadgets you use.
  • Show a recipe that's easy to make out of your food stash.
  • Give...
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