Motion Graphics for Video UPDATE!

First up .. due to several requests I have now enabled all the graphics in your Motion Pack to be downloadable in a Zip!

Each category has its' own Zip so the whole product is contained inside just 10 Zips. Look on the sidebar inside your Motion Hero Pack product for the links.

You can still browse the videos and download single files but now you also have the option to grab them all.

Next ... a great compliment to the Pack is my new release 'Square Video Wrappers' since you can add the graphics you own over these templates.

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I am sure you've noticed on Facebook and Instagram folks are using the Square format.

But with a twist ..

Your horizontal Video can easily get lost in the feed as folks scroll past.

So using Video Wrappers (to frame your Video) gives you more 'real estate' allowing you to add catchy headlines, sub-headers and all important subtitles (since folks often start watching on mute).

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This means more views, engagement, clicks, subscribers and sales!

For your Content Videos or if you run Video Ads - Video Wrappers are a must have.

Now .. the difference with Video Hero Wrappers .. is that this is NOT software or an app that costs monthly or restricts the number of exports and length.

You download these files and use them inside your favorite Video Editor (list on my page)

There are lots of styles (you'll see them in a sec), plus you get you can easily add to your Video to keep your viewer glued to the end!

You have full control to add text and extras inside your own Editor and can use them over and over.

My "Square Video Wrappers" are launched with a time limited $10 OFF action takers coupon code!


Go make your Videos standout and boost your results!

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