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'Thumb Stopping' Square Video Wrappers that win you more Views, Likes & Sales!

Use these templates inside the Video Editor you already own!

Get the Video Wrappers (130 total files) to use in your preferred Video Editor!
Only $57 $17 one-time investment

(Use unlimited times on your own and client videos - all the wrappers in this Video and on this page are included + many more)

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Total includes color variations to suit your brand and separate Progress Bars.

Please note: This is NOT software or an app. These are .mov or .mp4 video files you IMPORT and use inside your preferred Mac or Windows Video Editor. So you can create and export unlimited Videos of any length!

Square Videos will BOOST your Video Results! (or your clients)

Yes, it's hip to be square!

VentureBeat recently found that "Facebook alone now boasts 1.09 billion mobile daily active users (a 22% increase year over year).

Meaning that more than 92% of Facebook users access it via mobile, making it critical that businesses optimize their content for the mobile user."

"Square Video outperformed landscape Video on each social media network in terms of Video views, engagement (likes, comments, and shares), and completion rate (%).

In some cases, Square Video resulted in 30-35% higher video views and an 80-100% increase in engagement." experiments revealed that "it costs 7.5% less to get someone to engage with square video on Facebook and a whopping 33% less to get someone to engage with square video on Instagram."

The BEST MARKETERS and SOCIAL MEDIA Gurus are using Square Videos with Video Wrappers!

Square Video works like gangbusters for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter.

See how you can use my 'Square Video Wrappers' to boost your Videos!

*The examples below are short video extracts for quick viewing.

You get 1080p x 1080p HD Video files with transparent backgrounds in the pack.

The top bar is for your Big and Bold eye-catching headline!

  • Stop the scroll by catching the eye of your viewer so they instantly know the subject matter of your Video.
  • Import into your own Video Editor and add your own text however you choose.

Adding a brief animation at the start stops your audience scrolling past!

  • Your newsfeed is deluged with Videos, you need to Add 'scroll stopping' movement (and audio) right at the top.
  • It catches the eye and makes the viewer watch YOUR Video.

Gentle Motion Backgrounds under your Text keeps Views attention!

  • Ever since wild beast roamed the Earth, humans have been trained to be alert when they spot movement.
  • Using gentle movement in the Wrapper background adds extra interest without overly distracting.
  • You get multiple Moving background wrappers in your downloads area.

Catch the eye with a quick opening movement right at the start of your Video!

  • Your job is to stop folks overlooking your Videos and get more engagement.
  • Adding an animation for a second at the very start of your Video or at its' edges catches your viewers eye.

Easily add a Progress Bar

  • Progress bars show your viewer visually that they can get through your Video.
  • They will stick through to the end to reach your vital Call To Action and with Video Ads the clickable link to your site.
  • Some of the templates have in built progress bars but you also get separate progress bar files (different styles/colors) to add to any of the templates that don't have a bar.
  • By using the speed up or slow down feature in your own Windows or Mac Video Editor (list of recommended Editors below) you can time the bar to the exact length of your Video.

Vertical AND Square?

  • You may have shot a Video vertical or the subject itself lends itself to being framed vertically. Well you can still use it inside a square shape.
  • You get a several Vertical Video options inside the Square Video Wrappers pack, with space for text as you'd expect.

Two Up!

  • Video interviews and calls are a great way to create content, but they can look dull when you hit publish. A 'Two Up' wrapper instantly make your Video look more pro!
  • You can repackage Live Video recordings and add information about you and your guest.
  • Add a catchy headline so your viewer knows "What's in it for me?"

Boost your text!

  • You get several templates with text boxes built in to them.
  • A quick 'move in' at the start catches the eye immediately in the Social Feed, so folks stop to watch.
  • The optional Progress Bar shows your Video length is manageable and keeps your viewer watching right up to your end Call to Action.

EASILY add these Wrappers to your VIDEOS in ScreenFlow, Camtasia*, Final Cut Pro X, Premiere Pro & Elements*, Movavi*, LumaFusion, Kinemaster, InShot, Davinci Resolve*, Pinnacle Studio, Power Director, Filmora*, Sony Vegas, WeVideo, Corel Studio & many more! 

*Compatible with Windows & Mac versions!

Note: This is not software! You use your own Video Editor! (It's quicker and you have full control!)

  • Simply import the Motion Graphics into your own Video Editor and have full flexibility to tweak the graphics as you wish and export.
  • You can change the duration to exactly match your Video length by looping the backgrounds and using speed control on the Progress Bars. (Instructions inside)
  • Use your own popular desktop Video Editor (Mac and Windows) that allows the creation and export of Square Video projects i.e 1080 x 1080p.
  • YES - ScreenFlow, Camtasia, Adobe Premiere Pro & Elements, Final Cut, Pinnacle Studio, Power Director, WeVideo, Movavi, Filmora, Sony Vegas, Davinci Resolve, Corel Studio, After FX & more!
  • YES - Mobile Video Editors including LumaFusion, Kinemaster or InShot. Your Mobile editor needs to support the 1:1 square aspect ratio and have a chromakey feature. You get a single file with all the Wrappers over a green screen backdrop. Use chromakey to remove the background so your video shows through.
  • NOT suitable for iMovie as it does not support the Square ratio. We suggest you invest in ScreenFlow for Mac! 

How to use the Video Wrappers?

  • Step 1: Create a Square 1:1 1080 x 1080 project canvas in your own favorite Editing software.
  • Step 2: Import the wrapper (it's a Video file) and add to your timeline. (The cutout is transparent)
  • Step 3: Place your edited Video footage on the bottom track below the wrapper.
  • Step 4: Add your text and optional Progress Bar on the track above. 
  • Step 5: Speed up or slow down your progress bar to match exact length of your Video. 
  • Step 6 : Export your finished Video at 1080 x 1080 (square 1:1 format) Easy!

See the difference! Wrapper vs No Wrapper

DOMINATE the Newsfeed not disappear into it! 

Here's what these folks say after using Video Wrappers ...

So are you ready to get more RESULTS from YOUR Videos?

Jump in today for only a $57 $17 One-time investment!

Use unlimited times on your own commercial or client videos. (130 items)

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Add to Cart - SAVE $40 with coupon WRAPPERS40

Please note: This is NOT software or an app. These are .mov or .mp4 video files you IMPORT and use inside your preferred Mac or Windows Video Editor.

So you can create and export unlimited Videos of any length!

30 day Money Back Guarantee

So you can sign up and use the graphics TODAY with ZERO risk!

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