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"Hi! My name is Jules!"

Ex MTV and BBC TV Director turned Video Coach and Videopreneur

Ok, so who are you?

Before I go any further .. let's talk about YOU!

Here's my hunch, you are a Business owner/Entrepreneur, Expert, Coach, Speaker, YouTuber, Blogger, Online Course or Product creator ... and you already know just how crucial Online Video is to GROW YOUR TRIBE and WIN new subscribers & customers.

But the snag is you are juggling many apples and learning a new skill or moving up to the next level can be a time eater.

You want to MAKE Videos faster & smarter, without breaking the bank but not just any old Videos ...

You want to create BETTER Videos that get watched, create buzz, convert, or can be monetized inside courses/memberships.

Maybe you see the Profit potential of Video and it's your clients who want YOU to make their Videos for them. You see the BIG opportunity but you have no Pro-training so you need a confidence boost. A Video Coach to make the process easier & less stressful - so you don't get in a technical tangle, mess up and lose a good client.

You are looking for someone to clearly lead you through the Video process - step by step and straight to the point.

If any of the above fits you - then you are in the RIGHT PLACE!

About me ...

  • I live in London, UK with my lady wife, 2 kids, 1 cat and 4 iPhone's :)
  • I am an ex-Television Producer/Director who made hit shows in the UK for the BBC, ITV, MTV & Channel 4 for over ten years. My Directing credits include 'The Biggest Loser', 'Pimp My Ride' and 'Don't Tell The Bride'.
  • I now teach entrepreneurs & business owners how to make incredible Videos without spending a load of money on gear.
  • You can't beat 'the camera that's always with you' and I love to shoot Videos on my iPhone (plus I also use my Webcam!)
  • When it comes to Video Editing I use ScreenFlow, iMovie for IOS and occasionally with Final Cut Pro X.
  • I started packaging my knowledge via Video by Creating Online Courses & later transitioned to an 'all-in-one' Recurring Membership Site Model that makes me money while I sleep ... it changed my life! (I teach YOU how to do this too!)
  • I have appeared on leading podcasts like 'The Rise to The Top', 'Entrepreneurs Journey' and 'SuperFast Business.
  • Need a speaker? I have presented at Streaming Media Europe, the London Bloggers MeetUp and the Mobile Recruitment Conference.
  • Over the years I have taught over 4,000 people how to shoot and leverage better Videos for profit!

One of my hit TV Shows ..

  • I was Director for this episode of 'Don't Tell the Bride' (BBC)
  • I both Directed & Filmed 80% of the show myself! Except the Wedding Ceremony - when I DIrected 4 cameras and a crew of 15.

My work has been featured on ...

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