NEW! You get training on the new ScreenFlow 10 UPDATES included (Course covers versions 8, 9 and 10)

Master ScreenFlow Video Editing for Mac ... fast!

Monetize your knowledge & stand out on Social Media with Video ...

Learning to edit Video is a hugely VALUABLE skill for Entrepreneurs looking to grow online..

No-one in business can afford to ignore Video these days.

Using Video will boost your conversion rates, increase brand awareness and make you stand out from your competitors.

You can also MONETIZE your Video by cloning yourself on Video and selling Online Courses.

But many folks struggle when it comes to learning to Edit. 

The good news is I have demystified the Editing process step by step.

Whether you are a newbie or looking to improve your existing ScreenFlow skills then ScreenFlow Universe is made for you!

Over 4,000 students have taken my ScreenFlow training to date including fitness coaches, realtors, youtubers, course creators, ecomm store owners, bricks and mortar businesses, marketers, churches and professional services, to name just a few.

So what are the benefits of learning to Edit better Videos with ScreenFlow?

Well you can make Money from your Videos + your knowledge!

I have sold thousands of Online Courses earning me tens of thousands of $.

You hopefully have your course idea, but to actually make it a reality you need to overcome the obstacle of editing your Videos.

Making Online Course Videos needn't be a time sucking nightmare if you follow my workflow.

In 2 hours I will get you up and running.

Your Videos will be tirelessly selling and working for you 24/7 365 days a year.


Keeping your Videos moving means your Viewers reach your Call To Action ...

If you are running Ads or make Video Sales Letters you need to get your viewer to engage and take action. More engagement means more social proof that creates more sales. More clicks means more Add to Carts and a bigger ROI.

My 'ScreenFlow Universe' training is the secret sauce that turns a Video into a Magnetic Video!

Keeping your Content Videos engaging increases your Watch Time which means more views and revenue ...

Look at most successful YouTubers and Social Video stars and you'll notice how their Videos pull you along through the Ad breaks up to the end when you are asked to subscribe or follow.

Of course you need good content but Video Editing plays a huge role in shaping the viewing experience and making more revenue as a result.



Editing your Videos so they jump out & flow makes your brand stand out ...

In TV they say Editing is 70% of a shows success. Inside ScreenFlow Universe I share nuggets learned from working hundreds of hours alongside top Editors as a TV Director. 

These insider editing tricks & hacks can be applied to your Videos!

On the left is a successful Video for a viral contest I edited myself with ScreenFlow. I filmed it on my Webcam. (nb. the contest is now over.)

Why I use and recommend ScreenFlow for Mac?

  • Because it's all in one and super flexible! Capture your screen, Webcam, Microphone, iOS device & edit filmed Videos.
  • It's simple to use and gets the job done fast. 
  • I love my Mac and ScreenFlow is for Mac only. All my Videos are edited with ScreenFlow.
  • It's way more useful that say iMovie (iMovie only allows for two Video tracks and has no support for square or vertical Videos) and it's easier to learn and more intuitive than for example, Final Cut or Adobe Premiere.
  • You will also SAVE $$$ and frustration trying to outsource. Creating Videos yourself means less toing and froing via messages with a freelancer who doesn't really get your business. 

Inside ScreenFlow Universe you'll learn how to .. 


Capture your Screen (crisply)

This is so handy for product demos, capturing Keynote / Powerpoint & live sessions.

Capture your Webcam or iOS screen

I shoot many of my Videos on my Webcam (as above). This makes my workflow super fast.

Edit your filmed Videos

You can edit your filmed camera footage just like iMovie / Final Cut or similar.

Edit like a Hero!

Learn to add extra BLING to your Videos! Tips & tricks from an Ex-MTV director.

Create Video Ads & Promos

Get more clicks & likes on Social Media and return for your Ad spend. 

Make Online Course Videos

One of the best ways to earn online is to clone yourself on Video and monetize!

Only $97 $67 one-time investment

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ScreenFlow Universe .. all access pass!

Zero risk 30 day money back guarantee

👉 ScreenFlow Universe course

👉 Make Online Video Lessons BONUS

👉 Make Video Ads & Promos BONUS

👉 Green Screen Secrets BONUS

👉 Access to the exclusive Video Hero group

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Here's a full breakdown of the course ... 

It's step by step, concise, over my shoulder training .. 

  • Lesson 1: Setting up ScreenFlow for success. The best way to to record your screen, voice, Webcam ad IOS device.
  • Lesson 2: The Media Library. Importing your Video, images and audio.
  • Lesson 3: Timeline & Video properties.
  • Lesson 4: More about Video properties.
  • Lesson 5: Video Actions & style presets.
  • Lesson 6: Audio Properties.
  • Lesson 7: Video Motion & Screen recording properties.
  • Lesson 8: Call Outs.
  • Lesson 9: Touch Call Outs.
  • Lesson 10: Annotations.
  • Lesson 11: Adding and animating Text.
  • Lesson 12: Time saving templates.
  • Lesson 13: Exporting & publishing your Video.
  • Lesson 14/15 : Latest ScreenFlow 9 & 10 updates.
  • Extra Lesson: Closed Captions.
  • Extra bonuses (see below): How to create Online Course Videos and Video Ads!

Preview a short extract from Lesson 2 ...

Please note: Learning CAN be fun so be prepared to enjoy this course! It's not boring.


You also get these 4 incredible bonuses included FREE!


BONUS 1: Value $147

Make Online Course Videos

  • Easily edit Online Course Videos with ScreenFlow that make you standout as an expert.
  • A 2 hour recorded workshop where I show the best ways to use ScreenFlow to create premium tutorials that you get paid for or educational Videos for your Social Media Accounts.
  • You'll learn how to capture your slides, insert your Video footage, record your narration and package your learning so it becomes memorable.

BONUS 2:  Value $197

Create Profitable Video Ads & promos

  • Make proven Video Ads that win you more Leads and Sales. 
  • A 2 hour recorded workshop where you'll learn over my shoulder how to make 3 styles of Video Ads.
  • Style 1: Text and image based Ads.

  • Style 2: Talking head Ads.

  •  Style 3: Educational Ads.

  • On the right is one of my hugely profitable talking head Ads, filmed on my iPhone edited with ScreenFlow. You'll learn how to edit a Video like this!

BONUS 3: Value $67

Green Screen Secrets

  • This Green Screen Mini-course will have you up and running in 36 mins!
  • Using Green Screen can make your Videos look instantly PRO, even when filming a small room with minimal gear! (This still frame is from a Video shot on my Smartphone)
  • Short of space & budget? Choose any background that suits your brand with zero cost!
  • FULL shooting, lighting, audio and editing instructions included!
  • Over my shoulder using ScreenFlow chromakey!

BONUS 4: Value priceless

Private Video Hero group

  • Get your ScreenFlow Video editing issues solved.
  • Share your timeline for tips.
  • Get feedback on your Videos from a Pro.

These are comments from my ScreenFlow students ...



It's time to learn to Edit profitable Videos with ScreenFlow to create new revenue streams and get noticed!

Only $97 $67 one-time investment

SAVE $30 with coupon code SAVE30SF

ScreenFlow Universe .. all access pass!

Zero risk 30 day money back guarantee

👉 ScreenFlow Universe course

👉 Make Online Video Lessons BONUS

👉 Make Video Ads & Promos BONUS

👉 Green Screen Secrets BONUS

👉 Access to the exclusive Video Hero group

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