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Video Ads creation Workshop! (The Recording)

Learn to Edit Video Ads & Promos that CONVERT with ScreenFlow for Mac! 


* This Video was (of course) edited with ScreenFlow!


Want to get more Video results?

So you know the basics of how to Edit with ScreenFlow .. but you want to take it up a notch!

You want to MAX the Video Editor you already own rather that struggle with low cost apps that churn out Videos that look like everyone else's.

You want to make either Paid Video Ads or publish organic promos to your Facebook / Instagram Accounts (or get paid by clients)

You want to Edit smarter and faster!

Why you need this Workshop Recording?

Over the past few months I've been getting Massive results with FB and Instagram Video Ads - all edited with ScreenFlow.

With more folks online than ever now is a huge opportunity to get in front of your prospects with eye-catching Video Ads and Promos.

I want to show you step by step how to create eye-catching Ads that get noticed and get your prospects to TAKE ACTION and BUY!

On the right is one stat I took from my shopping cart. 80% of those sales are to cold traffic, folks who found me for the FIRST TIME via a Video Ad and then BOUGHT from me!

I also used the exact same Ads on my website Sales Pages and in my Blog to DOUBLE UP their use!

If you want to turn GREY Videos into GOLD then attend!

If you want VIDEO RESULTS from Better Video Ads and Promos sign up to this TRAINING!


You can access the Two Hour Recording TODAY ...

Make Video Ads & Promos that convert!

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Who is this Workshop Recording for?

  • You already know the basics of ScreenFlow for Mac or are an Intermediate. (nb. I will be teaching ScreenFlow Version 9 but you can still benefit if you own any recent version.)
  • You want to make Video Ads and Promos that standout from the crowd.
  • You want to maximize the Video Editor you already own.
  • You want to Edit faster and more creatively.
  • You want to get more results with Video!

Who is this not for?

  • If you are super advanced or a ScreenFlow Pro.
  • If you are a newbie then take this course (that includes a 1 hour fast track to ScreenFlow) and then join us!
  • You are on a PC. ScreenFlow is Mac only and not for Windows users.

Please note:  Sorry but there are no refunds for this workshop recording. 

Below is an example of one of my hugely Profitable Video Ads, edited with ScreenFlow!

Inside the Recording I cover many of the ScreenFlow tricks I used to create this Video and keep it MOVING!

What does the ScreenFlow Workshop Recording cover?

Hint: It is zero fluff, practical and actionable!

0 - 30 mins

  • The essential need to know features of ScreenFlow 9 for Video Ad & promo creators.
  • I covered my best tricks and hacks to save you time and make you instantly more creative with your ScreenFlow Video Editing.
  • After going through this training you'll take your ScreenFlow Editing skills up a notch!

30 mins - 120 mins

  • Step by step over my shoulder as I edited 3 styles of Video Ads!
  • These are PROVEN Video Ad styles that have given me a 2 - 3x return on Ad spend.
  • Follow along from A to Z.
  • The Text and Graphics based Video Ad.
  • The Talking Head Sales Video Ad
  • The Educational Video Ad.
  • You'll learn how to use text, graphics, music, headshots & B-roll to turn everyday Videos into Videos that jump off screen!

This is 'over my shoulder' training .. you'll see exactly what I do on my screen step by step!

(The Edited Recording inside is a smooth and focussed watch and is an all year round resource!)

About your tutor ...

I'm Jules - Ex-TV Producer/Director turned full-time MD of Video Hero, Video Coach, Multi-Six Figure Course and Video product Creator & full-time Online Business owner.

I made hit shows in the UK for the BBC, ITV, MTV & Channel 4 for over ten years.

Directing credits include 'The Biggest Loser', 'Pimp My Ride' and 'Don't Tell The Bride'.


Sign up today and I'll add a $37 value Green Screen training inside your Private area.

Shoot with low cost gear like your smartphone and edit Green Screen like a pro with ScreenFlow.

Two pre-recorded behind the scenes trainings as I shoot Green Screen in a small room, then use the chromakey filter on my timeline.

All these comments were added by Workshop attendees during the session ...


So, are YOU ready to take YOUR ScreenFlow skills to the next level?

Get instant access to the Two Hour Recording TODAY!

It's super focussed and packed with value. I even edited out the umms and errs :)

Only $79 $47 one-time investment

Use coupon code SAVE32 to get $32 0ff!

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