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Alan pimped his Video Podcast!

See above how Fantasy Sports guru Alan Seslowsky combines 'Square Video Wrappers' and the 'Motion Hero Club' to re-purpose excerpts from his Video Podcast on facebook.

Talking head podcast style interviews can be visually dull, so we love how Alan spices up his teaser Videos with Video Hero assets to make them jump out!

  • Alert tape animated wrapper at the start, to catch the eye as folks scroll the feed.
  • Progress bar to keep viewers watching right to end.
  • Square format allowing for big headlines and captions over the wrapper so the interview grabs attention even with the volume on mute.
  • Fun animations to illustrate the topic, add movement and engage!

Get your 'Square Video Wrappers' here!

Join the 'Motion Hero Club' here!

DFS Army channel (feat. Alan's Podcast)

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