YouTube VidCon Updates + IDEA for you ...

So time for a catch up ..

First ...YouTube

At the recent VidCon event, YouTube made some announcements .. I'll keep it brief:

1. Premieres - A landing page you can build in anticipation of a new Video release, then watch the video with your audience (the Premiere can be monetized via Superchat donations)

Is it useful? Is it mainly for Premieres of Music Videos, Film trailers or for famous Influencers? Good questions.

Maybe .. but how about using it for a peak at your new course or upcoming event or new behind the scenes of your business Video series? We'll wait and see.

Since the Video showcased is edited and polished .. there is none of the pressure of Live. You can focus on the interaction.


2. Channel memberships (100k subs required) - Eligible Creators can offer paid for ($4.99/mo) subscriptions right inside of YouTube for their tribe to access exclusive content, like posts, live streams, videos and emojis.

This comes hot on the heels of Facebook enabling select FB Groups to charge for access to special content.

All in all .. more ways to Monetize Video ... though I must say I still prefer to have control over my subscriptions and therefore livelihood via a separate platform / shopping cart.

3. Teespring integration - To sell merchandise directly via your Channel (US only for now) This could be BIG for monetization if you have a loyal tribe.

tee spring

Next Up .. Live Tip .. I'll call this ..

"Watch me work!"

I noticed Sean Vosler (Marketer, Educator, Funnel creator and more) going Live on FB almost daily .. you might think LIVE means time spent prepping something to teach or share, but Sean keeps it simple.

He just shows you in real time what he's working on .. it's informal, he has background music on and you see him and his screen as he works on the funnel he is creating ... plus he says 'Hi' when you join!

There is q&a, tips and something to buy.


It's a bit like Twitch - but it's not watching gaming .. it's watching Online Marketing Live.

The clever thing is ... it's very subtle Marketing, you might be interested in signing up to the funnel you are watching him create or hiring him to create your next funnel.

So .. how about testing this - can YOU go Live when you work?

Drone aren't always brilliant!

Everyone has gone crazy for Drones .. yes they enable stunning aerial shots without hiring a helicopter and crew.

So ... I was looking for a holiday hotel this week .. the photos looked decent .. with some clever framing they always do!


But when I studied the Video (with Drone shots) .. it revealed a lot more from above.

The closeness of the road, some random fields squashed into quite a built up area. Ok, call me picky but it wasn't as good as I first thought. It just put me off - no thanks.


Just because you CAN use a Drone, doesn't mean you SHOULD .. or at least be much craftier when you Edit :)

Finally ...

An UNPROVEN (profitable) idea for YOU!

Do you ever get ideas that you don't get round to doing?

Well, I've been thinking that with more and more Business owners these days having Video Editing skills what they might struggle with is getting quality B-roll to use in their Videos, not random shots of beaches and trees but beautiful shots of themselves doing whatever they do.

I mean simply walking, interacting with their family, in a meeting, working, cooking .. you name it. Or go more advanced with drone / gimbal footage of them driving or exercising etc.


Subjects that are hard for them to film on their own.

I am talking here about Stock Footage of the Entrepreneur they can use later in their own videos, be they Sales / Course Videos, FB or YouTube Videos or Instagram.

Even short clips that catch the eye can make a complete Instagram Video they can easily produce themselves in an App with simple text added on top.

So the idea is you charge them for a B-ROLL day spent together .. and the advantage is you don't have to spend time editing it! You simply dropbox them a ZIP of the best footage or deliver a memory stick.

What do you reckon? Like I said .. I haven't tried to sell this idea :)

Anyway .. Happy Videoing,


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