Videos to make for your Online Course empire!

I was just checking my Vimeo Pro Account.

I have made 1,095 Videos .. but I only have 6 followers!

"What is this madness? What a flop you are Jules!"

Not so!

The reason is .. 99.9% are set to Private - they are Online Course tutorials, or Sales Videos or Welcome Videos related to PAID FOR Online Courses.

What's my point here? Certainly it's not that you shouldn't be creating Free content and Free training and showing your awesomeness.

But what worries me is folks who are so obsessed with creating Free Videos and how many YouTube subcribers they have - they never actually put anything behind a paywall.

They are scared or paralysed by the notion of charging, or they keep waiting until they have 10000 YouTube Subscribers (insert names of other social networks here) before they create anything to sell - or dare mention they have something to buy.

Forget that - you can't truly profit from Educational Video (please don't rely on Adsense) if you don't have this ..

Clue: it isn't a fancy pants camera!

It's Private training behind a Buy Button!


(Note: this is not really a Buy Button - so don't bother clicking it)

Until you have something to SELL (make it good) and one of these attached to a cart then stick to building an Audience of freebie seekers and spending more on cameras than you earn.

Speaking of Online Course Videos ...

I made a list the other day of all the different kinds of Videos Online Course Creators could make.

Normally you think of a Sales Video then the course tutorials and that's it.

Sure, there are some ESSENTIAL Videos you need to make to get started FAST - but as you progress you can see Video can play a much bigger role - check this list ...

Note: this partly my own to do list - I don't have all of these made by any stretch!

  • Optin (Freebie) video
  • Free training video
  • Launch Funnel videos
  • Video Sales Letter
  • Upsell /Cross sell video
  • Thanks for buying my course video
  • Welcome to the course video
  • Tutorial Videos (many possible styles)
  • Personal Video message sent to a course buyer
  • Start of module video (different style to the lessons)
  • How to Login / reset password video
  • Support video
  • Webinar registration Page video and Thankyou Video
  • Webinar (Live and the edited recording)
  • Live videos on FB / YouTube etc
  • YouTube Videos (many types - Instructional, course snippets, vlog style, giveaways, channel welcome and more!)
  • Blog Video
  • Video Ads - FB, YouTube, Instagram etc
  • FB content videos
  • FB page masthead video
  • Welcome to group / forum video
  • Group/ forum / training News update Video
  • Instagram video
  • Instagram / YouTube landing page video (page visitors first see when arriving from the network)
  • Contest / giveaway video
  • Snapchat Video
  • Vimeo content video (if audience fits)
  • I could add a lot more!

Don't feel daunted, instead feel inspired - it's a step by step process as you grow and want to improve and sell more.

Finally - B-roll overkill?

I have been enjoying a Video Launch series by Stu McLaren for his Tribe program.

Maybe you have caught the Videos yourself.

Excellent content and delivery, great quality Videos, the launch will no doubt be a HUGE success ... but I did find one aspect a little annoying after a while.

This goes for other high end Video launches I have seen recently too.

The issue - miles and miles of B-roll of smiling babies, people high fiving, rainforests, people gazing at whiteboards, waves and sun (I am clearly jealous) and in general 'Look how amazing my life is!' gorgeousness just gets TOO much after a while.

In small measures fine, but if used over and over from one video to the next - then it can actually distract from the message.

It's a fine line between cool B-roll and an Ad for Washing Detergent (non-tweetable) :)

"Ok smart a$$! What to replace it with?"

Well .. ideas coming next week.

Anyway that's enough from me!

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