Video Call to Action!

Ok, a few little Video titbits from this Week ...

This made me want to click!

If you have an email list (hint: you need one!) then your Video views can be kickstarted with a mail out.

You send an email and you ask your folks to clickthrough and go watch your Video.

So the best way to entice them is not boring text ... it's an image you embed in your email.

But what kind of image?

I received an email from Funnel expert Russell Brunson and this was the image embedded inside the mail - it just made me want to click it.

(No need to click - it's just an example)

Take away this:

  • It has a play button (so it looks like a Video to play)
  • He's animated and pointing at the button. It leads your eyes.
  • There is a fat Red button to click (a smart chap like him must have figured that the color Red attracts more clicks)
  • It has also has a text link below in case people don't want to click the button
  • It emphasises the word LIVE .. so has urgency.

Nice job RB.

Snap your gear!

You can't deny it - folks just love Video gear and Video gadgets. 😍😍😍

If you are short of something to post on Social - just shoot your Video gear looking gorgeous.

I took this early morning pic of my Webinar set up with my iPhoneX .. it looks like a Movie Set and got more Likes than average.

This was total overkill, you don't need three ring lights for a Webinar - one is enough, but it did make a good looking photo.

Webinar checklist (not comprehensive)

I do quite a few webinars from home, two already this week .. it sure gets easier with practice .. but here is a list of a few things I check before going Live.

  • Headphones, webcam + mic plugged in securely and working
  • Broadband rebooted (seems to speed it up)
  • Keynote Slides functioning and set to first slide (copy made in case file gets corrupted)
  • Mac Desktop tidied up to show how clean you are
  • Set up and test ScreenFlow on MacBook for backup recording
  • Glass of water to hand but not near keyboard in case of spillage
  • Cat out of room :)
  • Kids told not to argue for 90 mins
  • A banana to hand in case you get sudden onset of hunger - it's a very quiet food you can eat :)
  • Send out 'We are Live' email
  • Make sure it's recording inside GoToWebinar and the back up too

This looks like a beast!

Spotted at NAB. Add fancy DSLR style lenses to your iPhone!


More info here - I am in touch with the manufacturer. (Not yet released)

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