The BEST Video Accessory is ...

Let me cut to the chase ..

Much as I like to geek out on a good piece of Video gear .. what annoys me is Gear Obsession, and roaming from one Gear review video to the next wondering if you should even bother with making a Video unless you have exactly the right gear :(


"My other camera is an iPhone"

Those Gear reviewers do an awesome job with getting their own Videos Ranked via keywords and earning revenue from Ads and affiliate links.

Of course, in moderation, when you are after a specific bit of gear, seeing it in action and hearing a reviewers opinion is certainly useful.

But if you overdose on reviews you end up constantly spending money not earning it (they do!)

>> Earn from Video << Full training for Members inside!

What I like way more is using the gear you already own to create an Asset that can pay for lots more gear, and in fact pay for your house and vacation!

So, the Best Video Accessory (and excuse the verbal twist here) is having your own Online Course made with Video, always open, always earning for you, even when you snooze.

I can still recall the week vividly when I made $19k in revenue in 4 days from a $97 course launch! Blew my mind.

If you think this is too hard, or you don't have the skill or expertise .. forget that now!

Yes, you need to sweat, yes you need confidence and new skills or maybe an expert to partner with - but no excuses .. you can find a way to do this if you Take Action.

So .. if you want a step by step system to conceive, create and SELL like hotcakes a Video Course in your own niche .. GOOD NEWS.

I have an Z to Z Six Figure Video courses inside my Video Hero Membership! I want you to make MONEY so you can buy MORE gear and cover your life expenses when you need it!

You in? 

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