Switch to the SwitchPod?

Time for a catch up in the world of Video Hero!

Switch to the SwitchPod?

Did you see this new Kickstarter project for a Vlogging tripod called the SwitchPod? 👈 (there it still an opportunity to back it!)

It's for holding your camera out in front of you as you Vlog, or putting down on a table, ground or wall etc. for steady shots on the go.

I own a bulky Gorilla Tripod similar to this one - but it is fiddly to set up quickly and can fall over when placed on a surface.

Yes - it's flexible but can be awkward .. so how about the SwitchPod ...

The SwitchPod (note: I haven't used one) .. looks slimline for slipping into your bag and pops up and down in a jiffy.

The downside? No adjustable head for altering the angles, or bendy legs to attach to a lamppost .. you could add your own ball head.

Possibly a little bit oversized for smartphone shooters? (as opposed to DLSR, mirrorless and compact camera users) .. though that doesn't worry me personally

Back the SwitchPod on Kickstarter 👈

Video Ads trend

Video Ads work! I've been testing Video ads every day this past 10 days on Instagram and Facebook.

Check this result form inside my account ...

What does it mean? .. in short the average sale of this digital product (that includes upsells) is $67

So I spent £14.59 which is about $19 to make $67!

This campaign has had 9 sales (so far) so I spent $171 to make $603 via a Video Ad!

The new buyers (thanks!) are now customers who will buy more in future .. perhaps even join my membership :) so the profit margin rises.

The Video Ad is actually this Sales Video used as an Ad .. filmed in my car, it's authentic but also pacy with a clear call to action.

The other reason this campaign is working .. I am super targeting folks who already visited my home at VideoHero.com or lookalikes!

I have seen this 'Vlog' Ad style trend growing ..

Marketing experts .. filming their screen, informal, handheld and talking from behind the camera and turning that into an Ad

Out and about jogging, Casey Neistat style and so forth ..

So don't think your Ads need to be formal productions .. folks like to see the real character behind the Ad.

Finally speaking of Vlogging ...

Did you watch Gary Vee's 6.5 hours Mega Vlog? (watch) 👈

In his own words "A raw, 6.5+ hour video from my trip to Miami to give you full context on the things I talk about (empathy, worth ethic, optimism, etc) and how they play out in an actual “day in my life"

I am not sure about this idea - you? Do you have the time to watch it?

I guess it's ok if you have an action packed day, have a very dedicated following and a willing Editor!

But ... when I saw the '6.5 Hour Vlog' subject line pop into my InBox it certainly caught my attention and made me clickthrough!

Here's an IDEA for you ...

Piggyback on this idea and the buzz around it .. and make an EASIER Video .. "My 6.5 SECOND Vlog" :) Could be fun on Facebook!

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