Vacation Videos with a twist!

So .. Vacation season is GO!

I will be heading to the Island of Mallorca, Spain - how about you?

Now you may think vacations are only for spending quality time with your friends and family & sipping your favorite beverage by the beach ..


But .. they are also handy for shooting at least ONE useful Video for your Business!

You see on vacation you usually have access to better locations, better shooting conditions and fresh inspiration.

So seize the chance, and the cool thing is ... you don't need to carry cumbersome cameras .. your iPhone / Smartphone will do nicely!

Make it feel personal and like a Vacation Video.

But how to link your Business niche with your Vacation?

Here's some examples (I came up with quickly) for Videos that Business folks could make ..

The Driving instructor

πŸ’‘Why you should learn to Drive a Manual (stick shift) car?

You are outside the Car Hire shop on vacation and explain that they only stock 10% Automatic cars, all are usually booked well in advance but you can still pick up a Manual.

That's why a Manual license is so versatile and why you need to learn to drive Manual and maximise your next holiday.

Cut to .. you driving, beautiful views etc ...

Call To Action to book you!

The Email Marketing expert

πŸ’‘What kind of Ice Cream is your Email Marketing?

So this one is centered around you buying several Ice Creams, you are sat near the beach explaining that you don't always need to be Vanilla in your approach.

Maybe your market is ready for a more a colorful, unique, Ice Lolly style!

So your tips are about how to stand out from the bland. Then .. ask the viewer to add a comment about how are THEY going to stand out more?

The Diet coach

πŸ’‘How to LOSE weight whilst on Vacation! (Not after)

You can shoot some sneaky close-up B-roll of the huge all in inclusive buffets /meals offered at Holiday Centers or the unhealthy snacks you get bombarded with in tourist spots ... then shoot an ideal portion i.e an example of a balanced meal or a healthy snack.

Film yourself 'face to camera' with a nice backdrop (on a balcony would work well), explain how to discipline yourself not to let your guard down and over indulge and use your B-roll overlayed.

Then .. Subscribe for more tips!

The Life Coach / Therapist

πŸ’‘How to really unwind on Holiday

Use the benefit of the location you are in and shoot B-roll of relaxing scenes. You can film a simple 'face to camera' with a peaceful backdrop and offer techniques how to stop thinking about your work stress and what's waiting back home when you are supposed to be having a break.

Then .. Download my Free 30 page De-stress guide.

The Video should have these elements:

1. The Hook What are you about to talk about / what problem are you going to solve for the Viewer? (15 secs)

2. Who am I? Who are you, what do you do? (10 secs)

3. The Solution / Tips Here's where you show your skill (This is the core of the Video - duration flexible according to platform)

4. The Call to Action What do they do next? Like? Comment, subscribe, phone you? (15 secs)

Ok .. so can you think of ONE Video idea to shoot on vacation? Have a good brainstorm before you leave. 

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