Secrets of the Pre-interview


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So I was invited (for the second time) onto the Small Business Big Marketing "Australia's #1 Marketing Show"


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I talk about Vlog Style Marketing - which is one of my favorite things right now.

It's like Vlogging - but for lazy people!

TIP: The Pre-interview

Tim Reid - who runs the site and podcast is a Pro, he sounds like one too .. and he made it fun, even if it meant booking a 10pm slot to fit the Melbourne / London time difference. 😴

Tim asked to Skype exactly a week earlier to touch base and go over the topic and best questions to maximise the time we had on the actual recording.

Not many folks do this .. but I can tell you from Directing TV shows - it's common in TV too.

So if you are planning any Video (or Audio) interviews, Promo videos with clients, Live Videos etc. then you should definitely talk in advance (aka do a Pre-interview) with your subject.

Email can only take you so far .... speaking beforehand (phone, skype, or in person if time permits) is ideal:

  • You can identify the best topics to cover and can generate fresh ideas you never thought of via a quick chat.
  • It makes the real thing less awkward if you've never spoken before .. it's an ice breaker so you can hit the ground running on the actual day.
  • It allows you to gauge the way the person speaks - Too fast? Do they ramble? Too soft? or are they a dreaded YES, NO type? (So you can coach them in advance so they perform better)
  • It helps you realise where you need to press certain points home to make sure you get to the point and illicit the best possible answers.

BUT ... I advise not to do a dress rehearsal .. your subject may treat it as THE interview - put on a sparkling performance (which is not being recorded) and then struggle to match it when you do it for real. Keep it general, informal and chatty.


I got this low cost Productivity 'tool' this week. It will help me plan my next Video content. If you don't have one already - you need one.

It came in a laughably huge Amazon box though!

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Has my Instagram been hacked?

Every day I have been waking up to discover I had magically followed about 15 new people - I don't know them and I never actually followed them! I don't use auto-follow software either.

Here is an example of what appeared in my feed! What the heck is that about?


Trying to contact Instagram is proving tricky. Any Instagram experts reading this? Let me know how to fix it.

UPDATE: Reset my Password, unfollowed loads of people and now ALL is good!

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