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Welcome to my thoughts as I sit here sipping my Coconut Milk Latte ☕

If not now? When?

One advantage of getting a bit older is ...

I have become super motivated NOT to put off ideas that I have been prevaricating on. I feel more urgency. That's a great thing!

I wish I had that feeling sooner. Hint: start now.

One thing I have learned is if I actually do get the idea out of my head into a Video (or an email or social post) - 9 out of 10 times it works!

I feel now I am way better at taking action, rather than parking the spark for another day ... a day that never quite happens.

So yesterday .... having thought about it for a while .. I decided to shoot a fun Vlog and crush any doubts I had whether it would work or not .. I went out and shot parts of my day, edited it immediately and it just felt right.

Here's a still frame of me randomly in a Poland shirt - though clearly I am not Polish! (World Cup Merchandise has hit the shelves this week!)


Before you ask .. "Jules, Where can I see it?" .. well my strategy is to build up a few videos to launch at the same time .. but I will definitely let you know when it's out there.

If I don't publish it .. then it's a surefire FAIL. That's simply not an option!

Always be B-Rolling

Build up your own library of footage to use in your Videos. Don't wait, seize the opportunity when you are out and about to grab B-roll (illustrative cutaway shots to layer over your talking heads and break up boring slides.)


Your mission ... write down your niche. Then think about Visuals that could help you illustrate your topic.

Some examples ...

Fitness or diet coach ... shoot lots of signs of fast food and junk food, to show how we are bombarded with messages to over indulge .. to which you provide the solution.

Brand specialist ... you shoot some of the best logos and branding you encounter, and examples where the branding doesn't work.

Marketing, SEO or Video coach .. well case in point, this week I was teaching traffic to my members .. and I filmed a timelapse of a busy road to visually hook viewers at the start of the Video.

So don't wait until you sit down to make your next Video and wonder how you are going to illustrate your Videos, keep building up your Video stock whenever you see the opportunity (holiday, family day out, business conference) .. you always have your iPhone Video Camera (or other options) with you!

ScreenFlow timesaver

You probably know this already .. but just in case you are getting older and forgot :)


This handy preset saves a lot of time. If you have a favorite transition (mine is the PUSH) go to top Left corner .. ScreenFlow .. Preferences .. Timeline .. then set the Default transition.

Every time you overlap your footage it will set the transition to your chosen default, so you don't have to go into the transition inspector each time to change it. Big time saver.

Ok that's it for now.

Go shoot some B-Roll!


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