ScreenFlow 8 has been released (NEW features!)

So, a quick update from Spain!

I recently signed up to an Email List and the confirm Email I received contained a useful Gif!

You see an issue right now is getting Emails you send to your subscribers out of their Gmail Promotions tab and into the Primary tab where they are more likely to be read.

Even if you are sending Newsy Emails full of goodness and low on promotion - you can still end up under Promos for many different reasons.

So here is my own GIF showing you what to do .. if my Email landed in your Promo folder, please (if you wish) drag it from your Promo to your Primary Folder then click YES to future Emails.

Using the app? Press down on Email to select it .. then .. top right corner ... move to ..

That way you won't miss my mails! You can always drag it back if you want.

You see GIF's do have a use other than just fun memes, and the fact they can be compressed small and added inside Emails is like having a mini-Video inside your message.

You can easily create a GIF like this yourself by screen capturing your own InBox and exporting in GIF format via ScreenFlow and other Editors.

What other uses might you have for a GIF in your Emails?


Speaking of which ...

ScreenFlow 8 has just been released!

Bad timing, since I am on vacation and have had no chance to play with it (plus I need to upgrade my OS) but these new features DO look useful ..

  • Templates (Placeholders for replicating the look of your Videos quickly - ideal for course creators)
  • Freehand annotations (draw on the canvas)
  • Styles (Save your styles as presets)
  • Instagram ready Projects & Export presets (nice one!)
  • Quick Narrations (Record Voice direct to timeline)
  • Stock library & more!

I will fill you in properly about SF8 later ...

Less stress on Holiday!


Ok, so I am here in Mallorca (check out this sand castle!) .. and I am still earning daily ... if you have ever been a freelance you know that Holidays are essential to recuperate but there is always that niggling feeling that you are not earning on holiday, and need to quickly win more work and chase invoices when you get back :(

The solution is not selling your time but instead selling your value .. via online courses and coaching that SELLS while you SUNBATHE :)

Your Videos keep working for you when you are chilling!

What are you waiting for?

Here's a few niche Video course ideas I think would fly:

Instagram for ____ (Insert business eg. Fitness, Real Estate - makes you stand out from other GENERAL courses)

Facebook Advertising for Boring Businesses (It's a cheeky name, but folks do need help to get more CREATIVE)

Cats PLUS Dogs - a step by step guide to living together (a different spin on pets by going MORE NICHE)

You get the picture .. (apply this to your own expertise)

For 16 Lessons of super focussed training How to conceive, create and sell a Video Course ...

Become a member! (much more inside too!)

>> All the New Membership details <<

You in?



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