Make a Video Show!

Here's some updates from this week ....

  • Putting the Show into Business
  • Vimeo - Publish to social
  • I bought Live Reach 👍

So I have no idea who first came up with this phrase "All Business is Show Business" ... but I agree!

It's a perfect message for Video Heroes .. because Online Video is the child of TV and before that the Movies ... where Entertainment is King.

You need to tap into the Emotion of your prospects and buyers not just provide the service. Video is the best way to do this.

Scott McKain has a book on this topic. To quote an article of his:

"The fact is, people rarely remember the details.
But they will remember how something made them feel.
And that’s why ALL business is “show business!"

So in your Videos:

  • Have more fun - use relevant props to illustrate you message. $1/£1 stores are good places to find cheap props.
  • Reveal more behind the scenes of your business. If you think you are dry - tap into the talent in your workforce, your family or even your pets.
  • You don't need to sing or dance (nice if you can) but if you play say golf .. film your next Video on the golf course and tie it into your business message.
  • Just let your hair down a bit and do something off the wall (like here) - humans are naturally amusing.
  • Have a hook or narrative that makes people want to watch your next Video the same way a TV series does.

Speaking of which I saw an awesome Video Ad this week by Mark Kaye


It has a lot of comments, likes and shares.

It's fast, funny, full of bleeps and puts a twist on the standard notion of Podcasting, Live Video and Vlogging.

A square Video Ad with a Bold headline stands out when viewed on the newsfeed.

Nice job .. TBH the only thing didn't like when I went deeper in the funnel .. was the course is listed as $100 with only the smallish print on the checkout mentioning it’s $100 per month!


These past days there were a few launches.

There was a copycat Video creator which actually copied a Video Sales script to a very similarly named competitor. Not cool!

I too have had people in the same niche - copycatting products, and copying my scripts almost word for word plus replicating the visuals - it leaves a bitter taste.

But .. the product I did buy for myself and like was Livereach.

Basically you 'upload' a pre-recorded Video and then choose when it should 'Go Live' on Facebook or YouTube.


Meaning you can polish your 'Live' recording first and set it running ‘as Live’ whenever you want without the pressure of Live - and you can interact Live in the comments if you want to.

I did have concerns whether it broke any terms, but looking at FB, pre-records are permitted if it's highlighted in the Video / text description - many media organisations have done this. Of course like anything - it's totally at your own risk!

I grabbed a webinar I had recorded weeks ago (I edited out some umms) and set it off 'Live' whilst I had dinner .. within 10 minutes I had Opt-ins to my list - via a link in the description!

The only negative is you have to have your Mac/PC on when you stream - you can't shut it down as you sit on your sunbed sipping a Martini in Miami.

Go see more about Livereach.

Vimeo - Publish to Social

I am a fan of Vimeo. I have used the Pro Plan for years. Why do I like it?

  • Lower cost than Wistia :)
  • Stable .. one glitch every 3 months.
  • I use it to back up all my Videos so I can quickly embed them if the Video hosting on my site ever goes down - it's crucial to have back up during a launch.
  • Note: My site now runs on Kajabi - 30 Day Free Trial - which hosts Video with Wistia - but you don't get the Wistia toolkit or a Wistia login. The Videos you uploaded inside Kajabi are hosted at Wistia that's it. So I still like having a back up of all my Videos on Vimeo.

Now Vimeo has a newish feature called Publish to Social - in a few seconds you can send your Vimeo hosted Video to Facebook or YouTube to be published natively there. BOOM!

Ok this was longer than normal! Well done for having the attention span.

If you liked it let me know - if you didn't complain to your other half :)

Happy Videoing!

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