Live streaming while Cycling?

So time to catch up with what's going on in the land of Video Hero.

Well NUMBER One - I launched a FRESH all In One Video Hero membership and it really took off. More details here.

The Sales Page (packed with Video examples) is converting at over 8% (that's good even if I say so myself!) but hey, that's the POWER of Video!

In other NEWS

I've been watching Louis Cole aka 'Fun for Louis' on YouTube.

A skinny fellow from the UK :) Not that I'm jealous.


He's a Vegan Lifestyle / Travel Vlogger with loads of energy and passion and he's currently cycling from the UK to Africa and raising money for Regenerate.

As well as doing high end Vlogs (including some cool drone footage) he's also livestreaming some of the journey.

That really cuts down on his late night edits .. since it's live.

Here's a Live clip .. switch on the chat .. it's really interactive, you feel you are there, the audience are even warning him of lorries approaching from behind! There's also a donate button too.

An awesome way to bond with your tribe and help a good cause too.

Wardrobe tip

This is so simple I over looked it!

Do you ever worry about having the right top to wear to film your Videos in?

You know what I mean .. right color, ironed, clean, ready to go? Hard to find in a rush.

So I bought a few T-shirts - one is a nice orange, it adds color to my pale face :) and stands out from the background.

But I will NOT wear these new shirts anywhere else! They are lined up in my wardrobe ready to go.

Just like on a TV show - the presenter has clothes organised by the Wardrobe Assistant that never get worn anywhere else!

Big timesaver. Switch your current top for a 'Video top' in your wardrobe and record.

Webinar times

I held 3 Live Webinars last week - I picked 3 day/time combos and repeated it.

Wherever you are in the World don't forget your international audience. Lots of folks ignore this.

I held them:

4pm EDT on a Tuesday (9pm UK) - 40% registered for this one - great time in the UK not bad for the US too. Tuesdays are less manic than Mondays.

7pm EDT on a Thursday (Midnight UK) - really tough for me in the UK but great for US people after their regular day (30% registered) Also feasible for Aussies to attend too in the morning. I avoid Friday evenings - too many folks on the road.

11am EDT on a Saturday (4pm UK) - Saturday's are good for folks who are too busy weekdays. (30% registered - lowest attendance rate though)

Hope that helps!



NEW Additions to my iPhone Video training you may not know about (inside the New Membership (not the same as original course!)

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  • How to do a Mini-Product launch filmed on an iPhone
  • Super Shots like this In Camera transition (no software required)

  • How you can't fail with your Video course (inside the Six Figure Video Courses members only product)
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