My Kajabi results .. (Knowledge Commerce platform)

As you may know by now, I use Kajabi for this whole site and online business!

If you are thinking "WOW it's pricey!" .. you simply are NOT seeing the potential of selling your knowledge online via Video.

You are thinking too small, you are missing a huge & proven opportunity.

Here's my US$ sales inside my Kajabi dashboard, this past 3 days including today (so far I should add)!

So just those 3 days of income almost paid for one year of Kajabi!

Yes, it takes effort and application .. but it's possible if you really go for it!

Remember you can choose (if you want) to run your Kajabi site as an 'all in one' .. so NO need for separate expenses for ...

  • Landing / Sales Page software
  • Wordpress hosting, themes and course plugins
  • Email provider with automations
  • Video & Media Hosting
  • Live and Evergreen Webinar software
  • Shopping cart
  • Quiz plug in
  • Affiliate system
  • Essential Tech support

It's all included in Kajabi!

The saving is huge .. and having everything together plays beautifully.

For example .. take Jane ...

  1. Jane enters her details on a Landing Page you create in your Kajabi site to download your Free Gift
  2. You tag her and add her to a follow up sequence educating then sending her to buy your product
  3. After 3 days Jane is about to buy your product but gets distracted and doesn't complete the checkout
  4. You trigger an Abandon Cart email to bring Jane back
  5. Jane then buys your product and Bump offer .. plus the upsell and gets tagged accordingly
  6. BOOM! You get notified of a sale!
  7. Your affiliate gets notified too!
  8. Jane instantly gets sent a login email to your training portal and consumes your Welcome Video and first lesson plus is added to a buyers email sequence
  9. But Jane gets busy and doesn't get past Lesson 2 .. so a new automation is triggered to entice her to log back in and actually complete the course
  10. At the end of the course .. Jane fills out an Assessment (quiz). She passes and is instantly sent a link to digital prize
  11. Jane is automatically added to a new sequence to encourage her to buy your Advanced course

All this 'automagic' is possible without juggling multiple tools .. and is super easy to set up in Kajabi!


I have a Bonus for you only if you sign up to Kajabi via my link👈

If you are on the fence .. dive in and take the Free Trial .. you won't really get this til you can play with it on the inside!

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There is nothing better than 1 to 1 .. you can't get this from a Support chat or a group.

You made the investment so now you need to take action and profit! (not consume)

I've been there and done it .. with 7000 paid students in my database!

We can cover:

  • How to maximize Kajabi for your niche!
  • Should you make a course or membership site?
  • Validate and lock down your course or membership idea and name!
  • Decide which course and page design to use inside the platform (we can share screens)
  • What Freebie to give away as a lead magnet to build your list
  • How to to get a return on your investment in Kajabi in 6 weeks! (It can be done!)
  • How to make your Course Videos look great .. fast .. with minimal tools.
  • Anything else you need!

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