Greenscreen on an iPhone!

Can you Shoot quality Green Screen on a Smartphone? .. The answer is YES you can!

I have just added a New super focussed mini-course inside the NEW Video Hero Membership!

It's all about how to Shoot and Edit Green Screen.

I used my iPhone and ScreenFlow .. but you could adapt this training to your own tools ..

I only filmed in a small room at home (no studio required) ..


But using Video Hero hacks I got a result like this ..


Green Screen is real handy to ..

.. switch out backgrounds to keep your Videos moving and reset your viewers attention (like TV shows do)

.. saves you having to own lots of large background rolls and fabrics

.. no need to own a HUGE house or office space, you can be in a studio flat and look like you own a mansion :)

.. get that DSLR pro-style blurred background look on an iPhone without buying a new camera!


You can make your Videos look PRO on a budget, even make your self tiny to allow space for text and screencasts ...


You can also layer Green Screen clips on top .. who knows .. maybe you are a Chicken expert :)


The New Green Screen mini-course (to get a result fast) is part of the new Video Hero membership.

To get going >> Join here <<

I'd love to see you inside the learning portal and in the Group too!

Your Green Screen training is just one part of the Membership .. you will also find in your Members library ..

iPhone Video hacks and apps .. Including the FAKE drone ... (NO DRONE required)



Vlogging skills ..


How to profit from a YouTube show (with a guest expert) ..


How to conceive and create your OWN Money spinning Video Course .. (FRESH 14 part FAST ACTION course)


PLUS you get BRAND NEW Motion Graphics and Music worth 10x the membership fee each month! (like this moving Text Box you can use with your talking head Videos) $1.5k value of assets inside already!


ALSO (!) .. there's a little extra $60 Lower Thirds Bonus I have added too for fast movers ..

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