Smartphone Gimbals for Entrepreneurs

There’s a big dividing line between Video hobbyists and Entrepreneurs who make Videos.

I have been watching some Gimbal Videos recently on YouTube and they seem high on eye candy but low on purpose.

Meaning .. knowing how to film pretty videos with a low cost gimbal is fun ... but you stay poor :)

What’s missing for me is how to apply these cool video tools at our disposal to magnify our message and reach as a Business Owner.

Let’s turn geekery into actual goals!

You see better videos can have a transformative effect on your Business.

With that in mind .. I just added a new course inside the Video Hero Membership called 'Gimbal Magic'!

If you don't know what a gimbal is .. here is a picture. This gadget keeps your iPhone super steady and helps you shoot Hollywood style Videos for a low cost.

My course is not specific to any one Gimbal - I mention several.

The beauty is .. I tailored the course to folks who make Business Oriented Videos and want to leverage a Gimbal. Most training doesn't go deep in our niche.


Inside I cover ...

  • Do you even need a Gimbal?
  • The best strategy for Business owners, course creators and Marketers who want to leverage a low cost Smartphone Gimbal (no-one else covers this)
  • Gimbal Basics
  • Gimbal Audio hacks
  • Creative Gimbal ideas for Entrepreneurs to make your Videos stand out
  • Gimbal Profit opportunities (get paid!)
  • The Key Gimbal shots to master


Members are loving Video Hero!

This week New member Alan shared this awesome post in the Private group!

Thanks Alan!

I hope to see you inside too .. if you want to make & profit from superior Videos!

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