Filming on my iPhone at Comicon London 2018

Ok, a quick catch up with the World of Video Hero.

On Saturday I went to the hugely popular Comic Con event in London .. not that it's my 'cup of tea' but it was my Son's treat to attend the event for his 12th Birthday! 🎂

In fact I was pretty clueless when it came to identifying the characters, but ever fearless I decided to Livestream my incompetence :)


Tip: If you don't know the topic well you can be honest, and make the Stream about you trying to figure out what you are seeing. Be transparent.

I have shared the Livestream (from my personal feed) to my Video Hero FB Page. The Audio goes weird at some points .. but the Wifi in the venue held up ok.

Pictured below was the gear I used. I went for lightweight and simple. In a very noisy environment like an Expo - using an external mic is key.

I know I focus on Video here .. but I do like this still photo I took on the day. The 2x telephoto on the recent iPhone models is so handy!

Spot the iPhone too :)


I also noticed famous YouTuber Tom Ska was there with his merchandise stand and crew. This was monetization in the Real World!

As they say 'Riches in the Niches' Create a niche channel, grow a following and head to the perfect niche event.

Returning to the topic of Live Video ... here's a BIG benefit if you are an Expert looking for Media exposure ...

This was GDPR week and I noticed one Legal Expert Suzanne Dibble crushing it .. her GDPR Facebook Group went supersonic and she seized the moment to put out a lot of Live Videos.


Soon Suzanne (already an established Expert) was picked up by lots of News Media including national TV shows in the UK like Newsnight as the go to GDPR guest.

Having worked in TV I know the pressure Researchers and Producers are under to find high quality guests FAST .. and the big concern (aside from whether they have credibility) is ...

"Can this person perform under pressure on camera? How do they look and sound and are they articulate?"

Tip: Having Live Videos (replays) across your platforms, and embedded on your Website, helps TV pros looking for guests make a quick decision!

i.e "This person really knows their stuff, people are loving their content AND they can perform well LIVE! Get them in now!"

OK .. I don't want to bog you down with too much .. since you might be be having a holiday day off ..


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