Local Facebook Video Ads .. CRAZY stats!

Chuck (FB Local Video Ads Expert) recently shared this result from his Local Business Page in the Local Video Ad Hero Private group.

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Check the stats below ...


Imagine what 22k reach, 646 comments, 136 shares, 13.8k Views can do for your business or your Local clients!

(Hint: Running a Local FB Page in your area is a great way to build authority and win clients)

That's the power of low cost, super targeted FB Video Ads taught in the training.

So recently I had someone join us in Local Video Ad Hero 2.0 ... they explained they were really interested learning the Ads system at launch time but they didn't sign up due to other commitments.

Maybe you were in the same boat!

The timing is not always right ... anyway here's a fresh chance to grab the entire 9 Module course!

Here's the need to know:

  • The course is pre-recorded - 9 Modules dripped weekly (allows time to implement)
  • Go through at your own pace - use the members portal as a resource whenever you need (365 days/yr)
  • It's suitable if you ARE the Local Business OR if you want to GET PAID offering FB Video Ads services to Local Businesses
  • This Video Ads system can work for many business niches
  • One BIG benefit is you have Local FB Video Ads expert Charles Gallagher in our Private Group to help you along the way .. he gives DETAILED replies and shares what's working right now! It's real COACHING.

Go watch the Video .. and see the proof for yourself.

This is PREMIUM training - Chuck's system has generated BIG profits for both his clients and himself as a Local Marketer and is worth every dollar you invest in it.

You do NOT need a big Ad spend or fancy Video equipment to succeed with this - just a proven strategy that Chuck has figured out through hours and hours of testing, tweaking and repeating within different niches.

The good news is simple Ads with personality work best!

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