Learn from a Mr.Beast Video (Editing tips)

Firstly, Happy Easter if you are celebrating ...

Today I was on the hunt for a gluten free, dairy free, sugar free Easter egg for myself!

Oh look ... I found one ... :)

So some quick tips:

Watch Videos out of your niche!

I've recently been watching a bunch of 'Mr. Beast' Videos on YouTube.

My kids don't get it .. Why would an old dude like me :) watch 20 year olds mess around and spend money like there is no tomorrow?

Did they forget I used to be a freelance MTV Director when I was younger? I love this style of video.

Even if you are an Accountant or a Funeral Director who uses video, you should always expand what you watch online to get fresh ideas.

I do admit, after a while all the fooling around in Mr. Beast videos can get tiring ... but the titles of his videos are very intriguing and the editing is very smart! Y

You can learn from his Videos even if they are not exactly your 'cup of tea'.

Take this Video 'I spent $50k on lottery tickets and won __'

In essence it's just two talking heads at a desk .. but the Editor makes it way more interesting with ...

  • Zoom cuts (Jumping cutting hard from a wide to a single head).
  • Zoom ins (slower zoom ins on a headshot).
  • Plenty of close ups of the lottery cards.
  • Text and graphics to 'sign post' the state of the challenge throughout so you you know where he is at.
  • Archive (in black and white) from a previous video to illustrate what's being talked about.
  • Stressing emotion by changing a second or two of footage to red.
  • Using 3rd party footage / stills to break it up and emphasise humor.
  • Speeding up footage to compress time.
  • Several music tracks used to keep it interesting and increase mood, not just one track lazily 'wallpapered' across the whole video.


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The video does feel long (probably to increase Watch Time and fit in several Ad breaks for monetization) but it's worth sticking with it for a few minutes even if you hate it, to see the different editing techniques.

The takeaway .. next time you film / edit a talking head (or heads) ... don't be boring .. think what spice can you add to make your Video standout!

Use some of the tips I just mentioned.


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