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Learn from a Mr.Beast Video (Editing tips)

Firstly, Happy Easter if you are celebrating ...

Today I was on the hunt for a gluten free, dairy free, sugar free Easter egg for myself!

Oh look ... I found one ... :)

So some quick tips ..

Watch Videos out of your niche!

I've recently been watching a bunch of 'Mr. Beast' Videos on YouTube.

My kids don't get it .. Why an old dude like me :) watches 20 year olds mess around and spend money for fun?

I admit, after a while all the fooling around can get annoying ... but the titles of his videos are very intriguing and the editing is smart! You can learn from Videos even if they are not your 'cup of tea'.

Take this Video 'I spent $50k on lottery tickets and won __'

In essence it's just two talking heads at a desk .. but the Editor makes it way more interesting with ...

  • Zoom cuts (Jumping cutting hard from a wide to a single head)
  • Zoom ins (slower zoom ins on a headshot)
  • Plenty of close ups of the lottery cards
  • Text and graphics to 'sign post' the state of the challenge throughout
  • Archive (in black and white) from a previous video to illustrate what's being talked about
  • Stressing emotion by changing a second or two of footage to red
  • Using 3rd party footage / stills to break it up and emphasise humor
  • Speeding up footage to compress time
  • Several music tracks to keep it interesting and increase mood

The video does feel long (probably to increase Watch Time and fit in several Ad breaks for monetization) but it's worth sticking with for a few minutes even if you hate it, to see the different editing techniques.

The takeaway .. next time you film / edit a talking head (or heads) ... don't be boring .. think what spice can you add to make your Video standout!

Sales Video magic

I recently added a 15 step Make a profitable Membership site training for my Video Hero members .. one sales page we looked at during the session was for successful site 'The Online Dog Coach.'


Plenty to learn from Dan's Sales Page .. but the >> Sales Video stood out for me!

Having a great Sales Video can turbo charge your conversions & make you stand out from the bland!

So many learning points .. but for brevity I'll focus on the single best aspect of it!

Lovely B-roll breaks up Dan's studio based talking head .. this feels genuine, like user generated smartphone video, it shows you the awkward doggy issues you face (the before) and then the dogs calmed down (the after).

It really has the 'WOW! that's exactly the problem I have!' 'This is for me!'

Doggy Dan later in the video uses family B-roll to relate how a family life lesson was an 'A-ha!' moment when it came to training dogs. He breaks up the video with a story to add interest.

So .. what kind of problems does your target market face? .. capture B-roll .. feature real situations on video to use in a future Sales Video.

Think .. How can family life, holidays, hobbies, life experience be applied to your niche to help explain your solution as well as add an extra layer of visuals.

This kind of personal 'Reality TV' style B-roll is easy to capture and can make duller niches more interesting - in fact you may have the footage in your drives already!

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