Mavic 2 Zoom (it ZOOMS!)

Before we get onto Drones ..

Did you watch the fight last night?

Did you pay for it? :)

KSI v Logan Paul I am talking about of course.


I am making no judgement here on the two individuals and whether YouTube should have banned Logan Paul after his terrible Japan Video.

BUT .. all I can say it that the Event was quite a phenomenon .. two YouTubers who built 18 million (!) or so subscribers each on the platform .. created a HUGE 'Pre-launch' buzz around a Live event using their Vlog channels and fans .. that crossed over to mainstream News Media and they monetized via Pay Per View on YouTube.

$10 a ticket with an estimated 800,000 people paying to watch the Live stream, 15,000 tickets sold to watch inside the stadium! ... That's a lot of $$$$$$$!

(Apparently another 1.2m watched pirated streams on Twitch and elsewhere)

To me this just embodied (albeit on a huge scale) the Power of building your own audience and interaction via Social Video and then charging for Premium Video!

👉 Hint: You don't need to take up Boxing .. you can get creative with Video and attract Buzz in your OWN niche .. then Live stream yourself teaching and charge for it - even if you only have 100 eager people who pay $197! Well .. do the math!

Next Up ... This Drone review Video is very cool!

Plenty of folks make Review Videos .. but some are better than others!

The Mavic 2 Zoom is getting great reviews.

I really liked Jesse's Review Video (above) .. why?

  • Fun Hook at the top - pretending he's stolen Drones destined for a fellow (competing) YouTuber
  • He keeps it simple .. it's a review between the 2 new DJI drones not the whole DJI collection which can get unwieldy
  • A short opening Bumper (after he hooked you but not before) to break it up
  • Great use of archive footage
  • Stunning & relevant choice of location that helps explain how the Mavic 2 Pro handles color.
  • Has an expert guest / sidekick to explain tech details that the audience might not know (i.e understands the knowledge level of his audience)
  • Breaks up the footage with some 360 style video to reset attention
  • Call To Action

(Only downside is some Wind noise on the Audio)

👉 Watch Video Creators OUT of your niche / age group / social sphere - and pick up tips to use in your Videos!

Finally ... Break it Up!

I wanted to share this Vlog style Video outside of my members group .. it's a subtle promo filmed on an iPhone SE for a Podcast Studio but it doesn't feel like one, it's Vlog Style and feels right at home on Facebook.


 I discovered it via this message from Sandy:

"Hi Jules, I wanted to say thanks! Listening to you speak about fast and dirty video production prompted me to encourage my husband/business partner to make a vlog of our fit-out ... The result is pretty great!"

>> Watch here <<

It might be too fast for some .. but for me .. it's way better than an over salesy video with a person sat in a chair the whole time and predictable B-roll laid over.

You get a real sense of personality & passion by seeing behind the scenes and it really keeps moving!

Shoot .. Move .. Shoot!

Switch the location where you film your 'face to camera' throughout.

Show the journey .. and the result.

That's it for now.

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