30,000 Members in this Membership site!

This week I caught a great Interview with Scott Devine who runs a huge How to Play Bass - 7 figure Membership site that has grown to 30,000 paying Members. 😯

The Big Video Takeaway I picked up (which totally aligns with my own experiments) ...

Informal Vlog style Videos mixed in with Tutorials and Education WORK!

Scott mentions how he used to shoot his Free Video tips & tutorials for YouTube in a glossy style, DSLR, multi-camera sometimes, well lit, formal.

But he noticed a lot of people doing the same thing and his channel growth had slowed too.

He then got inspired to go more casual, Vlog style, show some behind the scenes & glimpses of his family and mix it in with his Free Educational Videos (that drive masses of traffic to his Membership site)

Watch an example here.

He uses a Point and shoot camera (sometimes recording Audio separately) - but your iPhone would do exactly the same job :)

After he made the style change .. his stats shot through the roof!

His channel grew 40% in a year going from a big 300k to a mighty 500k subscribers!

He also applied this informal style to some of his Sales and Marketing Videos and found for HIS audience, a more casual approach, not sticking to a conventional .. Point out the PAIN .. then RUB in the PAIN script (i.e a typical Guru Sales Script) .. boosted his Membership subscriptions too!

Lesson here ... Know your audience and don't blindly take any Guru's Sales Video Advice without testing!

Of course each style of Video has a roll to play ..

Scott still produces High Quality Videos .. for both inside and outside his site .. and he even Shoots a years worth of High Quality Expert Guest Membership training in 10 days in a New York Studio! Tip: Batch shoot your Videos once all your gear is set up.

Speaking of which ...

I have been rolling out my Six Figure Video Courses training inside my own Membership!

(In case you are wondering I do have future training planned on How to create a Video membership (subscription) site too!)

So I've been shooting Green Screen with my iPhone! A BIG Money SAVER!

Here's a glimpse of my set up inside my SMALL Lounge Studio! It's only 14 x 11 feet (!) which is approx 4.3 x 3.4 m

Meaning I can switch backgrounds in seconds inside ScreenFlow (or any editor)


I am getting PRO quality results like this.. ideal for Paid Tutorials, content and Sales Videos.


Hint: I just rolled out a new Greenscreen Video Course inside the Video Hero Membership!

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