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So here's the problem ....

You NEED Video but it COSTS $$$$?

The worst thing you can do as an Entrepreneur TODAY is either make NO VIDEOS or put out BAD VIDEOS!

I am assuming you already realise how POWERFUL Video can be for your Business & Brand? FACT: Video SELLS MORE & wins MORE ATTENTION!

You can also MONETIZE your knowledge via Video and change your INCOME (I should know!)

But how to make Pro-quality Videos yourself without breaking the bank or going crazy? 

Please read on ...

Back in the day ...

Video used to be real expensive .. I was a TV Director and Producer and we used a tonne of gear!

I once spent $8k on excess baggage flying to film a show in South Korea!

Then I fell in love with Pocket Cameras - and the iPhone!

The iPhone you own now shoots better Video than a $20k TV camera of a few years ago! It's also way more versatile.

The iPhone Video Advantage ..

Your iPhone not only shoots crisp 1080p or 4k Video, it's an AMAZING all-in-one Video Creation tool. There are incredible Apps to help you edit or make your footage look more Pro. You can create & upload superfast short videos for your Social accounts like Instagram. Your iPhone is connected online and you can broadcast Live too! 

The iPhone Video Advantage cont/d

Yes, there is MORE!  ... The HD Camera you ALREADY OWN can shoot pro-style 'Face to Camera' videos for your location, home or office based marketing, promotional and online course videos as well as being a Studio Camera that produces footage almost identical to an expensive Pro-Camera rig. 

"Great, thanks ... I am off to make Videos!"

Well, steady on .. because, to use a Music analogy, anyone can go out and buy an incredible guitar but you still need to LEARN how to play it!

So MEET your teacher! I have taught 4k+ Business Owners, Marketers, Course Creators & Entrepreneurs how to leverage their iPhone's for profitable Video!

About Jules

  • Ex MTV and BBC TV Director turned Video Coach and Videopreneur!
  • I quit the stressful Freelance life of a TV Pro and now run a full-time Online Education Business via Video
  • TV Director Credits include: Biggest Loser, Pimp My Ride, Don't tell the Bride, My Supersweet 16
  • I own 5 iPhones :)

This is your all in one training center ...

Over my shoulder

I show you behind the scenes, step by step how to get the MAX out of your iPhone. Your viewers will think you hired a production team!

Boosting your business

Making pretty videos isn't enough! With expert guests - I cover what type of videos to make and how to leverage them online.

Premium Music / Graphics

You also get monthly downloads (value = $1000's) of exclusive Video Hero Music & Motion Graphics to enhance your videos.

This is an example of a super effective but easy to create Video I made on my iPhone!

👉FILMED & EDITED entirely on an iPhone 👈

  • Filmed on an iPhone (Informal Vlog style that CONVERTS!)
  • Voiceover recorded on an iPhone
  • Screen captured on an iPhone
  • Edited entirely on an iPhone (iMovie for iOS - free App)
  • Music used available inside the Members Music Club
  • Motion Graphics used included in the Members LibraryI
  • I teach you HOW TO MAKE this Video A to Z inside!

Here's a snapshot of the training inside!

What do these Video experts say about my training?

Get your Video issues solved & feedback on your Videos in the Private Group ...

I'll also go Live once a month with the latest insider Video tips & tricks I am using!

Inside discover this SUPER HACK!

Turn your iPhone into a DSLR! Yes a Blurry Background on an iPhone with NO extra accessories, apps or greenscreen!

But that's just the START - You get ALL this iPhone Video Hero Gold included when you Sign Up today:
  • The all NEW iPhone Video Hero Membership (added to every 2 weeks)
  • Six Figure Video Courses (make a HIT Online Course with your iPhone Video Camera) More info below.
  • Motion Hero Club (20 NEW Motion graphics per month)
  • Video Hero Music Club (Exclusive track every month)
  • My BIG HIT ScreenFlow Hero Editing Course PLUS EXTRA never before released ScreenFlow training! (Coming soon) 
  • Plus I'll be adding new courses / trainings in future months
  • You also get support & feedback via the Video Hero Private group

Six Figure Video Courses (NEW) 

  • Turn your Video Hero skills PLUS your knowledge into PROFIT!
  • I share the SECRETS of how to conceive, create and SELL Six Figure Video Courses!
  • From choosing a WINNING niche, to list building, Video Creation for Courses, choosing the PERFECT platform, publishing and SELLING your course like Hotcakes with Video!
  • Watch over my SHOULDER as I teach you how to Shoot and Edit 3 styles of Course Videos.
  • This course alone is an INCOME CHANGER! (The Launch overview session is on the left - use cogwheel bottom right to view faster)

ScreenFlow Hero*

  • Editing is a key skill for Video - but it can turn into a major stress & time suck!
  • I show you step by step how to EDIT slick iPhone Videos with ScreenFlow for mac!
  • Capture your SCREEN CRYSTAL CLEAR and combine with images text and filmed footage!
  • Create YouTube, Online Course, Content Videos, Instagram, Facebook, Video Ads /Promos and more!
  • *ScreenFlow Hero EXTRA training is currently being rolled out beyond the original HIT course you may have signed up to.
  • (COMING SOON) ScreenFlow for Online Course Creators!

Motion Hero Club *NEW

  • Subscribe buttons, Emoji's, Lower Thirds, Buttons, Animations & more!
  • You get 20 NEW graphics ADDED each month
  • Note: A pack of just 15 would cost you $20 + ðŸ˜®  on a site like Video Hive
  • The Motion Hero club is growing every month!
  • Unlimited downloads for your Videos or your Client Videos!

The Music Club 

  • Download 5 Premium Video Hero Music tracks instantly when you join. (Value $380)
  • One FRESH & EXCLUSIVE Video Hero Music track (not included in any other products) sent to you every month
  • Unlimited use on your OWN or CLIENT Videos
  • Ideal for YouTube, FB, Online Course, Sales and content Videos
  • EACH  & EVERY track would usually cost $76 to license at a Music library for Commercial, unlimited use. You make a HUGE saving!
  • Hear a sample 'Track of the Month' (Watch Video) 👉

It's time to turn your Videos into $$$, grow your tribe and your Business - without breaking the Bank!

To get a HUGE ROI from new Video Skills .. join me inside today ...

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iPhone Video Hero Membership (100% Fresh - this is not the same as the previous course)

Six Figure Video Courses (NEW)

ScreenFlow Hero EXTRA

Motion Hero Club (20 New Motion Graphics per month)

Music Club (New track of the month)

$1500 Value Music and Graphics included!

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Q: Why is this a membership not a one-time course?

A: It's a super low monthly because the world of iPhone Video changes fast. Most online iPhone Video training is out of date, but I keep my portal fresh with the latest apps, gadgets and strategies. I can respond to member training requests too. Think of the ROI you can get with video - the FEE is a no-brainer. Plus you can access the ongoing community for help & support.

Q: If I decide it's not for me how do I cancel?

A: I ask the same question myself when it comes to recurring payments! You can EASILY cancel yourself under your account inside the membership area if paying via card or inside Paypal if you choose that option. You have total control

Having said that, I provide so much VALUE monthly (including the training, support & downloads) I can't think why you would want to quit :)

Q: What kind of folks are Video Heroes?

A: It's a long list! But I do see a pattern. YouTubers, Fitness Pros, Bloggers & Vloggers, Lawyers, Social Media gurus, Realtors, Marketers & Agencies, Online Course Creators, Public Relations Pros, Small Biz owners, E-tailers, Business Coaches and Experts.

Q: How do I access the training?

A: As soon as you sign up you'll receive private login details to your chosen email address to access the membership area. You have access to the ongoing online training and downloads 24/7 365 days a year for as long as you are a member.

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