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About VideoHero ...

VideoHero is for business owners and video creators who want to  publish better Videos to GROW their brand, audience & revenue via the POWER of VIDEO!

In the beginning:

VideoHero was founded by Jules Watkins, an Ex Freelance MTV and BBC TV Producer / Director turned Online Videopreneur.

Jules Directed big hit TV shows such as 'Pimp My Ride', 'The Biggest Loser'. 'The Business Inspector' 'Wags' Boutique' , ''My Supersweet 16' 'Project Catwalk'; and 'Don't Tell the Bride' for MTV, ITV, C4, BBC & more.

Aside from location Producing & Directing working with large crews and self-shooting doc-style content, he Directed the best UK TV Editors in the Edit suite for weeks on end as they created TV magic out of the hours of footage.

Sharing knowledge:

When the Entrepreneurial bug bit, Jules started a Flip Video Blog (remember the Flip camera?) later creating Video Courses & made a switch into running a Full-Time Online Business teaching Business Owners how to shoot & edit their own Videos.

When iPhone Video took off, Jules created a hit course (one of the first online iPhone Video courses) iPhone Video Hero which blew up worldwide!


Jules expanded into ScreenFlow Editing training, Local Video Ads training (with an expert partner Charles Gallagher) and a Video graphics library. (The Motion Hero Club)


VideoHero has over 7000 happy customers across the globe and its' products have been endorsed by leading online experts including James Wedmore, James Schramko, Gideon Shalwick and more.

Guest experts including Mike Koenigs, Sue B.Zimmerman, Chris Ducker, Mike Rhodes & Owen Hemsath have given training to the VideoHero tribe.

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Contact: [email protected]

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