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About Video Hero ...

Video Hero is an Online training & Video assets site for folks who want to make better Videos to GROW their brand and audience via the POWER of VIDEO!

Video Hero was founded by Jules, an Ex Freelance MTV and BBC TV Producer / Director turned Online Videopreneur.

Jules Directed big hit TV shows such as 'Pimp My Ride', 'The Biggest Loser' and 'Don't Tell the Bride' before launching an Online Business powered by Video.

Video Hero has over 7000 happy customers across the globe .. Thanks!

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One of Jules's hit TV Shows ..

  • Jules was Director for this episode of 'Don't Tell the Bride' (BBC)
  • He both Directed & Self-shot 80% of the show himself, except the Wedding Ceremony - where he Directed 4 cameras and a crew of 15 and needed to keep it all under control :)

"So ... Who are YOU?"

"Here's my hunch, you are a Business owner/Entrepreneur, Expert, Coach, Speaker, YouTuber, Blogger, Online Course or Product creator ... and you already know just how crucial Online Video is to GROW YOUR TRIBE and WIN new subscribers & customers.

But the snag is you are juggling many apples and learning a new skill or moving up to the next level can be a time eater.

You want to MAKE Videos faster & smarter, without breaking the bank but not just any old Videos ...

You want to create BETTER Videos that get watched, create buzz, convert, or can be monetized inside courses/memberships.

Maybe you see the Profit potential of Video and it's your clients who want YOU to make their Videos for them. You see the BIG opportunity but you have no Pro-training so you need a confidence boost so you don't get in a technical tangle, mess up and lose a good client.

If any of the above fits you - then you are in the RIGHT PLACE!"

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