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"Grab more ATTENTION with your ScreenFlow Videos and boost your VIDEO RESULTS!"

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* This Video was edited with ScreenFlow for Mac.

You'll learn ScreenFlow techniques like these ...

Better Talking Head Videos

Make your Videos jump out - No more uninspiring talking head Videos!

Get creative with TEXT

Text re-enforces your message, but don't make it dull!

Fast Social Lower Thirds

This quick Social branding hack is crazy good!

Create Pro-style blurred backgrounds in seconds!

Don't distract your viewer, cut the clutter!

Yes, you can make Video thumbnails in ScreenFlow! 

No need to use any other software, create thumbnails in your timeline.

Animate your Logo!

No need to pay for this, make your logo move yourself (takes 30 seconds.)

Make your Screen Shots pop!

Adding movement will keep your viewer watching and get them to take action.

It's time to raise your Video game!

Better Video Editing will ...

  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Win you more social media likes & comments.
  • Extend your watch time stats.
  • Boost your conversion rates.
  • Make you stand out from your competitors.
  • Make your online course more visual and improve the learning experience.

Video Editing is the secret sauce, where you take your raw ingredients (footage, screen captures, images, text, voice etc) and bake them into an eye-catching, tasty cake.

No-one wants a flat, uninspiring cake!

Max the software you already own!

Many people who edit with ScreenFlow are making the same old dull videos and not pushing themselves to get better.

They are NOT using ScreenFlow to its' full potential and are not engaging their viewers and customers.

Don't be like them!

Your brand deserves better, and you can transform your Videos by going through this actionable training.

This is perfect for you if you already know the basics of ScreenFlow or are an intermediate looking to progress.

In this On Demand Video training .. I cover over my shoulder:

  • Creative talking head editing to keep your viewers attention as you speak.
  • Video filter magic tricks.
  • How to make your screen captures and social testimonials fly!
  • Eye catching use of Text and Lower Thirds (that most folks don't know).
  • Online course video hacks.
  • Vertical Video speedy creation.
  • How to make an animated logo.
  • Maximizing stock footage.
  • Workflow hacks to speed up the editing process.
  • and more ... 

I use the latest ScreenFlow 10 (I recommend you upgrade if you haven't as it has some great new features) but you will still gain alot if you are running an older version.

Watch and repeat!

Just copy what I do and implement in your Videos. You'll be able to refer back to the recording anytime to review the exact steps I take.

There is so much Video content being produced every day by business owners, content creators and marketers - but learning just a few new easy Editing tricks can make you stand out.

I want to enable you to a pro-touch to your Videos without the price tag of hiring someone.

This is an edited (so I don't waste your time with fluff) recent Workshop recording.

Get the On Demand Video training TODAY!

Only $97 one-time investment.
  • Edited 1 hour 47 mins intensive Workshop recording with time stamps so you can jump to the section you need.

  • You will receive a login via email. 

  • In your private area you can immediately access the recorded workshop.

  • You have Lifetime access so you can login anytime and rewatch any of the techniques whenever you need a refresher.

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