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We'd love to edit your YouTube Videos! 

On our discovery call will ask you about:
  • Your niche. It's ideal if you send us a link to your YouTube channel (if you have one) before the call.
  • How many videos per month you need.
  • Average Video length.
  • The Video style you admire.
  • If you also want original or re-purposed Shorts/Reels.

Wondering about costs? We do tailor-made plans (so we need to talk), but as an example 4 x 10 mins (or under) YouTube videos per month (talking head style as shown on this page) together with the option of 10 x 60 secs shorts/reels* per month ranges from $997 - $1297/mo.

* Shorts are an optional add on.

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Double up by creating Video Shorts from your YouTube Long Videos!

  •  We can edit your long YouTube Videos then repurpose it into multiple pieces of content to reach millions with the same 60 seconds video on multiple platforms.
  • You don't have to constantly come up with new short video ideas, simply get more mileage out of your long videos and extend your reach on multiple platforms.
  • Your short-form videos will drive more traffic to your long YouTube videos and your channel, boosting your watch time and subscriber count.
BOOK A CALL (Free trial to edit your 1st video)