"Long-form YouTube Video editing is a HUGE time suck, send us your talking head clips and let our Editors work their MAGIC!"

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Below are two different style of videos we edited for YouTube clients 👇


We've been editing Jonathan Edwards Videos on YouTube for over a year. The MD of Integral IT is getting results and writes:

"Something I’ve learned about marketing A few years ago we identified a local business we wanted to work with. We cold called them. We kept cold calling them until we got through to the decision maker.
He was pleasant enough on the phone but was clear we weren’t doing any business. What did we do next? We got his email address and started sending emails. A few weeks later he unsubscribed. What next? I look back at that and think it was lazy and aggressive marketing.
I don’t like being on the receiving end of either of those tactics. So we changed our approach. We started publishing several videos each week. No outreach. Just write, film and publish. I connected with that same guy on LinkedIn.
Earlier this week he sent me a message. He’s been watching my videos for ages and thinks we’re an ideal fit for his business. He’s not engaged with the videos once. Just watched them. I’m meeting him next week. That marketing feels better."

(2 Mins test Edit)


Realtor / Property Business - you should be using YouTube like Kyle!

These days your business & brand MUST be on YouTube! 

  • Its' the second biggest search engine in the world and owned by google.
  • You can rank for your keywords on google and YouTube search.
  • You can send your target audience to your landing pages, products & services from your channel page and descriptions.
  • You can build a loyal tribe by giving value and monetize your channel.
  • You have alot of expertise to share so let's get your voice heard by potentially millions!
BUT, you need to be consistent.
We assume you have figured out how to film talking head footage (we can give you tips to help).
However, finding the TIME to Edit your Videos regularly is probably your BIGGEST OBSTACLE!
Let's fix that now.


On our discovery call we'll ask you about:
  • Your niche. It's ideal if you send us a link to your YouTube channel (if you have one) before the call.
  • How many videos per month you need.
  • Average Video length.
  • The Video style you admire.
  • If you also want original or re-purposed Shorts/Reels.
  • And you'll bring your questions.

If case you are wondering, we do not have fixed pricing plans for long-form content as there is truly no size that fits all.

As a guide though, packages start at $997/mo.

We will give you a personal quote after we talk, based on your video duration, frequency, video style and the quantity of footage you supply plus and any extras you may require.

We'd love to figure out a great deal for our editing skills and video expertise that gets you actual results!

But why choose VideoHero?
  • Because you'll work with a Creative Producer who can help with filming advice and content tips should you require them.
  • Because your Producer can help lock in your own YouTube style to make your videos memorable, consistent and easier to film.
  • Because every Edit you view will have been checked by the Producer, so you will only view top notch, spell checked cuts, saving you endless back and forth with an Editor if you were to directly hire one.
  • Because your Producer will be on top of your editing deadlines and ensure they are ready to publish like clockwork on the day and time you choose to release your video on YouTube. No need to chase vanishing Editors!
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Double up by creating Video Shorts from your YouTube Long Videos!

  •  We can edit your long YouTube Videos then repurpose it into multiple pieces of content to reach millions with the same 60 seconds video on multiple platforms.
  • You don't have to constantly come up with new short video ideas, simply get more mileage out of your long videos and extend your reach on multiple platforms.
  • Your short-form videos will drive more traffic to your long YouTube videos and your channel, boosting your watch time and subscriber count.
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