"Long-form YouTube Video editing is a HUGE time suck, send us your talking head clips and let our Editors work their MAGIC!"

(Your first YouTube long Video Edit is FREE)

Below are two different style of videos we edited for YouTube clients 👇


These days your business & brand MUST be on YouTube! 

  • Its' the second biggest search engine in the world and owned by google.
  • You can rank for your keywords on google and YouTube search.
  • You can send your target audience to your landing pages, products & services from your channel page and descriptions.
  • You can build a loyal tribe by giving value and monetize your channel.
  • You have alot of expertise to share so let's get your voice heard by potentially millions!
BUT, you need to be consistent.
We assume you have figured out how to film talking head footage (we can give you tips to help).
However, finding the TIME to Edit your Videos regularly is probably your BIGGEST OBSTACLE!
Let's fix that now.


On our discovery call we'll ask you about:
  • Your niche. It's ideal if you send us a link to your YouTube channel (if you have one) before the call.
  • How many videos per month you need.
  • Average Video length.
  • The Video style you admire.
  • If you also want original or re-purposed Shorts/Reels.
  • And you'll bring your questions.

If case you are wondering, we do not have fixed pricing plans for long-form content as there is truly no size that fits all. Avoid companies that have fixed rate fees for long-form as you may not get the quality you are aiming for.

We will give you a quote after we talk, based on video duration, frequency, video style and the kind of footage you supply plus and any extras you may require.

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Double up by creating Video Shorts from your YouTube Long Videos!

  •  We can edit your long YouTube Videos then repurpose it into multiple pieces of content to reach millions with the same 60 seconds video on multiple platforms.
  • You don't have to constantly come up with new short video ideas, simply get more mileage out of your long videos and extend your reach on multiple platforms.
  • Your short-form videos will drive more traffic to your long YouTube videos and your channel, boosting your watch time and subscriber count.
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