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Up to 50% commission 

Connect your Paypal business account to receive your commission at the time of purchase! No waiting. You get 50% commission across the whole funnel.

We use retargeting Ads for folks who leave the page before buying and need some more educating or don't take all the upsells at first, so the traffic you send converts even more. We also nurture buyers via email sequences so they return to the store.

We consistently tweak our Sales Pages, emails and Video funnels to improve conversions, as well as offer special time limited deals - so we all earn more!

Video is hot!

With more folks at home looking to leverage their business and brand online, the sales of Video related products are surging!

Video Hero products sell daily (even to cold audiences) so you can make online income without your own product.

Since you already make Videos yourself you can prove what you are recommending is valuable!

The best way to get results is to show the benefits of the products you own in action and genuinely explain why they have worked for you.

As a Partner you will get Partner only emails with tips and resources to help you earn more commissions.

nb. When you sign up to promote the product linked to via the button below, you will find affiliate links to all the products inside your affiliate dashboard! 

Excellent support and customer handling

People you send to sign up get 7 days a week quick response support. 

We know that your customers and contacts are precious for you!

Since you already purchased a Video Hero product you know what to expect.

What kinds of people buy Video Hero products?

Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Experts who make their own Videos.

Video production and Marketing companies.

Online coaches and course creators eg. fitness, health, wealth, niche hobbies.

Internet and Social Media marketers.

Social Video creators / YouTubers.

Podcasters & more!

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Affiliate rules

We have to write these, knowing that 99.9% of folks will play fair.

Please .. 

1. IMPORTANT: Do NOT purchase products for yourself via your own affiliate link. 

2. Do NOT send Spam of any kind. Just send to email lists you have consent to send to and post in groups where you have permission.

3. Do NOT offer cash rebates to people who buy through your affiliate link.

4. Do NOT use negative words such as 'Is XYZ a scam?' in any promotional campaign. Not that you would :)

5. Do NOT mirror or clone any Video Hero sales or content pages, download and re-upload any Video Hero sales videos or promos, other than those supplied to affiliates as 'affiliate assets'.

6. Do NOT register any domains or social media accounts with any Video Hero product names or using Video Hero in the account/domain name.

Failure to observe these rules will mean your affiliate account will be disabled.

Thanks for your understanding!

How to promote?

  • Link in description of your YouTube / FB Video whenever you use the assets or talk about them.
  • Post in your Group.
  • Email your list.
  • Make an authentic Video review.
  • Post just a single (or several) cool motion graphics on social media and link. (Easy!)
  • Write a blog post, add to your recommended tools page.
  • Add links in your autoresponder sequence.
  • Run a Live demo session.
  • Run paid Ads.
  • Tip: You could use a link shortener to make your afffiliate link better looking or set up a redirect eg. yourdomain.com/motion redirects to your affiliate link.
  • Tip: Offer relevant bonuses to entice your tribe ... you can add Bonus links inside your Affiliate area so bonuses get auto-delivered on purchase.

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