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With EVERYONE online looking to learn and to solve problems ... TODAY is the biggest opportunity of your life to PROFIT from your knowledge ...

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Business Crisis Deal ... Normally  $497 Only $197 one-time investment!
30 day money back guarantee.

What can I earn from Online Courses?

It all depends if YOU actually take action and publish a course with a BUY BUTTON on the Web!

To the right are screenshots from two of my courses over a 3.5 year period. This is gross $ income and they were low cost  $67 - $197 courses!

This is certainly possible if you follow my 'Six Figure Video Course' system but cannot be guaranteed, since I don't know at this stage if you will pick the right topic and marketing approach.

If you create higher ticket courses eg. $497 - $2k then you need to sell LESS units to reach the same earnings or more!

Here's a synopsis of the training (16 super focussed modules you will actually get through!)

  • Getting in the right mindset to succeed with Online Courses. Negative thoughts will crush you. (Extract above!)
  • Locking down your winning niche (or redefining your current niche)
  • A recording of feedback I gave previous students (useful for locking down your ideas + add your own comment for direct feedback from me)
  • Naming / branding your course plus creating a 30 mins 'lead magnet' to give away in exchange for your future students email to build a list.
  • The best way to set up a 'squeeze page' to showcase your freebie and enable folks to opt-in.
  • How to get traffic to your freebie and course. (Including my 800 new subscribers in one week method)
  • Pricing & planning your course. Planning a super easy upsell to increase your revenue.
  • Choosing the best course platform.
  • Video Mindset (How to make your Video stand out and your course more engaging)
  • Video Lesson style 1 - using your Webcam and simple gear to make sparkling tutorials.
  • Video Lesson style 2 - slide based screen captured tutorials.
  • Video Lesson style 3 - using your Smartphone for course creators.
  • Publishing & protecting your Videos.
  • Launch & sell your course.
  • Snowballing your sales via guest appearances and affiliates.

Video Editing Training Bonuses

  • ScreenFlow Workshop recording (my latest ScreenFlow 9 for Mac training - master Video Editing  skills in 2 hours!)
  • Camtasia Mastery (Camtasia 9 for Windows course with expert Ron Hogue)Video Editing Training Bonuses

Get direct feedback from Jules - TV Producer/Director turned Video Hero MD, multiple Six Figure Course Creator & Video Coach!

  • Many courses leave you out on a limb when it comes to contact with the creator.
  • You can get unstuck by asking any questions under each module for direct feedback plus you get access to the Video Hero Private Facebook group.

Course sample .. Step 1: Get your mindset right!


Yes I am in!


You are not alone .. it's interactive learning ... leave a question under any module and get feedback!

If you want to wake up each day to new money in your account, you need to create an awesome course & learn to sell it. I'll show you how ...

Business Crisis Deal ... Normally  $497 Today Only $197 one-time investment

30 Day money back guarantee.

30 Day Money back guarantee

I realise in these unprecedented times your money is more precious to you than ever.

Rest assured you have a full zero risk 30 day money back guarantee.

Simply email [email protected] if you are not satisfied with your investment (unlikely as it may be) for a speedy reply.


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