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See the POWER of using Motion Graphic in your Videos!

You get 1080p HD Video files with transparent backgrounds to add over your footage or images.

Did you know 85% of Facebook Video is watched with the sound OFF!

  • Use Motion Graphics to nudge your viewer to turn on the sound when viewed on Social Media!

Win more subscribers on YouTube!

  • SHOW what your viewer needs to do - not just SAY it. People need to HEAR and SEE what to do!

Keep your Viewers attention with Animations ..

  • Everyone is making Videos these days, you need to make your videos stand out!
  • Adding animations reinforces your message and keeps your viewer watching to the end!

Add clarity to your teaching with Text panels ...

  • Break your videos up into sections or steps.
  • Use Motion backgrounds to keep attention.

Add Pro-style branding via lower thirds and info bars  ..

  • Keep your Videos short & snappy by adding text information on screen rather than saying it all.
  • If you make Videos for profit, clients will pay MORE for professional looking Videos!

Add some bling to make your Videos more fun  ...

  • I often used sparkles & highlighters in my MTV shows. They grab attention!

Get more clicks on your Call To Action. Use an arrow to point exactly where to go next ...

  • Show your viewer with MOVEMENT exactly WHERE they need to click or enter their information.

If you are NOT using Motion Graphics ...

  • You are throwing $$$ money away and turning away subscribers!
  • Your viewer may get LOSE attention and not watch through to the end and so miss your Call To Action.
  • Videos that lack movement are boring and your 'Watch Time' will suffer. (YouTube uses Watch Time to assess how much they will recommend your Videos)
  • Your viewer won't be able to get your message as clearly if you are not using text boxes, info graphics and Lower Thirds to SPELL out your information as you say it!
  • There won't be anything Visual at the end to JUMP off screen and make the user TAKE ACTION! (Like Subscribe, Click, Like)
  • Overall you will get less interaction  .. Likes, Comments, Subscribers and Followers :(

EASILY add these Motion Graphics to your VIDEOS in ScreenFlow, Camtasia* *Windows & MacFinal Cut, iMovie, Ecamm Live, Kinemaster, InShot, Adobe Premiere Pro & Elements* *Windows & Mac, LumaFusion, Keynote, Pinnacle Studio, Power Director, Filmora, Sony Vegas, WeVideo, Corel Studio & more!

How to USE Motion Hero graphics in seconds!

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 More examples (all included in the 300 pack!)

I made GRAPHICS that Video Creators like YOU & ME actually NEED!

All have transparent backgrounds.

Sounds FX built in where appropriate (or mute if you prefer.)


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