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ūüí• Handmade¬†Motion Graphics designed by VideoHero to boost your Social Videos ūüí•


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Over 1,300 + items inside now to download, with 20 brand new 'on trend' items added every month + Video training!

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Here's why you need to use Motion Graphic in your Videos ...

(They are all1080p HD Video files with transparent backgrounds to add over your footage in your own Video Editor)


Did you know 85% of Facebook Video is watched with the sound OFF!

  • Use Motion Graphics to nudge your viewer to turn on the sound when viewed on Social Media!

Win more subscribers on YouTube!

  • SHOW what your viewer needs to do - not just SAY it. People need to HEAR and SEE what to do!

Keep your Viewers attention with Animations ..

  • Everyone is making Videos these days, you need to make your Videos stand out!
  • Adding¬†animations reinforces your message and keeps¬†your viewer watching to the end!

Add clarity to your teaching with Text panels ...

  • Break your Videos up into sections or steps.
  • Use Motion backgrounds to keep attention.

Add Pro-style branding via lower thirds and info bars  ..

  • Keep your Videos short & snappy by adding text information on screen rather than saying it all.
  • If you make Videos for profit, clients will pay MORE for professional looking Videos!

Add some bling to make your Videos more fun  ...

  • I often used sparkles & highlighters in my MTV shows. They grab attention!

Get more clicks on your Call To Action. Use an arrow to point exactly where to go next ...

  • Show your viewer with MOVEMENT exactly WHERE they need to click or enter their information.


Here's more examples of the Motion Graphics waiting for you inside ...

 (All sound FX included in the .mov transparent Video files!)


ūüí•The¬†graphics are supplied 1080p¬†.mov Video Files with transparency and are suitable¬†to import into your preferred ūüĎČ Mac & Windows DESKTOP based Editing Software. NB.¬†Most iOS/ Android Mobile Editing Apps and browser based Apps (like Canva) do NOT support transparent Video files. ūüĎČ InShot is an exception and is supported. See the FAQ's for more info.

4 Easy Steps to download & edit !

ūüĒé After you login - Search or Browse for what you need.

‚Ė∂ÔłŹ Preview¬†via¬†the in-built Video player.

‚¨áÔłŹ Download the HD Video file via a link on sidebar. (Most files are less than 50mb)

‚¨ÜÔłŹ Import into your own preferred Video Editor and add to your timeline.

How to use the¬†Video files¬†in your own Video Editor ūüĎá

The problem is that Motion Graphics Libaries are expensive to join with the correct LICENCE to use for multi-use!

ūüĎÄ LOOK at the typical monthly pricing to join¬†StoryBlocksūüĎá

Here is your SOLUTION ...

You¬†can join¬†the Motion Hero Club TODAY for only¬†$9.95 ūüĎȬ†$7/mo!

Unlimited use on your own or client videos.

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YES! Sound FX are built in!

  • As a Video Creator you are in the ūü핬†ATTENTION BUSINESS.¬†
  • Using Sound FX with your Motion graphics resets attention and¬†reinforces¬†the¬†imagery.¬†Imagine a movie with¬†no sound FX ūüėģ
  • No need to¬†waste a load of time¬†searching for appropriate, copyright free Sound FX. Many items, where relevant, have the sound included in the Video file.
  • You can easily choose to mute or lower the volume in your Video Editor if you prefer.
  • Listen to a few examples in this Video ...

This is not your typical Motion Graphics Library!

It's interactive.

  • We use the graphics in our own Edits and we are always looking¬†to grow the library based on our members needs.
  • You can suggest items for our designers to create via a quick form inside.
  • The most popular ideas will be created.
  • See¬†Herman's suggestion and what we created below.

¬†ūüĒ• Latest additions to the Club (Instant download)ūüĒ•¬†

You receive a monthly members Video showcasing new items with direct links to download + tips how to best use them.


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