The 'Make an Online Course Session' is now over ..

A recording will appear here on Wednesday April 8 .. I will mail you!

Who is this for?

  • You are a CREATIVE FREELANCER, Small Business owner or Employee who wants to create monthly ONLINE income by leveraging your skills and knowledge.
  • Or you are a YouTuber, Expert, Blogger or Podcaster who wants to create a profitable learning product for your audience.
  • You want to future proof your business with your OWN Video Course or repeatable Live Workshop that you can charge for!
  • You want to get up and running quickly and learn the FAST way to make Videos for your Course!

You'll learn ...

  • Why my first course only made $20k and my second did $350k in sales!
  • How to launch your first course or workshop in the next 14 days!
  • What YOU need to do to make a hit Online Course in the current crisis! Folks are at home and eager to learn online (if the offer and topic is right).
  • What Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un has to do with your Online Course Empire