Should I make an Online Course or Membership Site?

So one of the biggest shocks I had monetizing my knowledge via Video was when I first made money at the movies!

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Going to the movies is getting seriously expensive in the UK especially if you have kids ... who come with big snack demands!

So I sat there watching some average Animated movie thinking about the money I had just spent :)

But when I eagerly switched my iPhone on at the end of the screening .. PING ... PING .. PING my paypal account had received several payments.

These more than covered my Cinema expenses and it was instant money in my account.. no waiting to be paid invoices.

A total game changer, as before I had only made money after I worked my socks off and got a monthly freelance pay check (often late) from whatever TV company I happened to be in a contract with at the time.

This kind of WOW moment only happens if you have digital assets online to sell - attached to a Buy Button.

Even better if the offer is recurring so when you win a new customer - they go on to pay month after month.

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Monetizing your knowledge via Video and earning a RECURRING income is mind blowing.

But .. a lot of fear can creep in - Membership Sites can feel scary!

  • Is the membership model right for me?
  • How can I turn what's in my head into continuity income?
  • Should I stick to one-time courses?
  • Could my course become a membership?
  • What if it flops?
  • I need help!

I have sold courses and downloads, turned a course into a Membership and run a Membership site that has evolved into a Continuity Business that earns me money (across borders) every day!

I have also picked up a lot of knowledge by studying membership models and closely observing other membership site owners.

So - let me tell you more about my experience of the Membership Site Model (and why you need your own Membership!)

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